How to get immortal items for free in Dota 2?

How to get immortal items for free in Dota 2?

Unlike other items, Dota 2 Immortal items are not in drops. I mean, you will not get any immortal item after playing a match. Indeed, you cannot get any Immortal items for free directly in Dota 2, but there are still some ways you can get them, which I will tell in this article.

5 Best ways to get Free Immortal items in Dota 2

1. Gift from friends

Getting Free Immortal items as a gift from friend in Dota 2

As harsh as this sounds, being gifted is the easiest way you can get your hands on an immortal item.

You can ask your friends if they have Immortal items for heroes that they don’t play. At most, The worst they can say is that they don’t have.

I recently got two immortal treasures for free from my friend like this. So try this once, and if you are lucky, it might also work for you.

2. Earning steam gift cards

You might know websites, such as idle empire, give steam cards after completing specific tasks and surveys.

And after you have a certain amount of points, you can exchange them for a steam card. Although this is time-consuming, it is worth it for a free immortal set.

But be careful before trying such a website as there are a lot of scam websites nowadays that will waste your time and steal your data. So be sure to use only legit and trusted websites.

3. Selling old skins

Dota 2 old skins collections

You might have skins of heroes that we don’t play. So, you can sell those Dota 2 skins on websites such as loot farm and purchase immortal skins, where the skins are listed at a cheaper rate than the steam market.

Although you might not get much value out of drop skins, you can still get immortal items that are cheap such as ancient apparition’s shatter blast, which is available at only 0.29$, or Monkey kings staff of gunwo, which is available at 0.59$.

4. Giveaways and lucky draws

Dota 2 related channels such as game leap do giveaways in their videos. Although there is no guarantee, you can still try, and all you have to do is a comment that only takes about a few seconds.

After about 15 trials, I got my immortal set of monkey kings for free, so you can also try your luck- you might win Free Immortal skins in Dota 2.

5. Installing mods

I wouldn’t recommend this hack, but you can do it if you have no means and you are desperate for that Dota 2 immortal items. You can install skin mods from the internet and install them in your Dota 2 folders.

Doing so will give you access to every skin, but the downside is that the skin will only show on your computer and not on other players’ screens.

(Hopefully, you found this article helpful!)