Clash Royale Egg Badge: How to get this new one?

Clash Royale Egg Badge: How to get this new one?

From the new update, you can decorate your Clash royale profile with a new badge called Egg badge, and whoever visits your profile will see it, so you should unlock it first.

If you ask whether the egg badge is easy to get or not, then the answer is yes- it is the one that you can obtain effortlessly. You can do it easily after reading this article.

Steps to unlock the Egg Badge in the Clash Royale

Step 1

At first, you need to Open clash Royal; at the first opening screen of the game, you will see a triple column(option) button at the top right side of the screen click on it.

Step 2

After Clicking on the options button, a new mini screen will appear. At the mini screen to the bottom right, tap on the CREDIT option.

Step 3

Then, you will see a bunch of names of people who contributed to the clash royale- Wait some time.

Step 4

Clash Royale Egg Badge

Lastly, After waiting, the name will stop appearing on the screen, your new egg badge will appear on the screen, and claim it.


  • Is it hard to get a Badge in Clash royale?

Not every badge in clash royale is Difficult to achieve, but I find the sudden death badge is the most challenging one.

Because to get a sudden death badge, you need to play a full match with a tie with the opponent, enter the sudden death mode and have to win around 100 games. It is a very long process and took a lot of time to achieve.

In conclusion, some of the badges may be easy to get, whereas some of the badges take time to achieve, though it depends upon how dedicated the player is to achieving the badge and showing off in the game profile.