Brand LoL Wild Rift: His Best Build, Spell, Counter, Item, Rune

Brand LoL Wild Rift champion

The LoL Wild Rift Champion Brand is a mage that you can pick in the mid-lane to deal tons of aoe damage and win the team fight. He is the best pick if your team needs aoe damage.

His early game is slightly weak as he lacks damage, but he makes it up with his aoe damage and wave clear. Also, he can poke enemies from a far distance as his range is quite far and get the enemy lane low enough to the point where you and your jungler can dive them.

The brand is a highly mobile champion in Wild Rift as he has no dashes or mobility, so if you get caught without your flash up or stasis, you are almost guaranteed dead.

But before you die, use all your abilities as it’s very deadly and can deal tons of damage when you are dead but have used all of your ultimates.

So when playing a Brand, never die with all your abilities unused, and do not use your first ability to poke, as it costs a lot of mana. Brand has tons of mana issues, so only use your first ability to stun and land a full combo.

Other than that, try not to be careless with your ability, or you will have no mana to rotate and help your teammate, and the champ Brand without mana is quite useless in Wild Rift battles.

During the mid to late stage of the game, your main job is to position yourself out of danger and give the most damage as possible.

All about the LoL Wild Rift Champion Brand

Brand Weaknesses and Counters

The main weakness of the Wild Rift champion Brand is his lack of mobility, so positioning is everything.

Also, another flaw of the champ Brand is that he has two skill shot abilities, and to deal his full damage combo, you can not afford to miss any of them. While playing against champions with tons of dashes and mobility, it is hard to land these abilities.

Another big problem with Brand hero is his mana cost and mana issue. He requires a lot of mana and often is out of it most of the time. So be sure to be careful with your abilities. Some champions that counter Brand in Wild Rift are Katarina, yauso, fizz, etc.

Best Spell for Brand in Wild Rift

Brand Spells Wild Rift

Flash and ignite are the best spells for the Brand champion as this increases his damage to high. However, you can also pick exhaust or barrier spells against an assassin team while playing Brand in Wild Rift.

Best Runes for Brand in Wild Rift

Best Rune for Brand Champion

(i) Aery:- You can go either aery or conquror depending on the enemy team comp. If they have all squishy champions, play aery, but if not, go conqurer since the champ brand can easily stack conqurer.

(ii) Brutal:- You should use a brutal rune for a champion brand for the early damage, especially during the first objective fight. If you are not confident with the early-fights, you can pick the Gathering Storm rune for the late-game burst damage.

(iii) Conditioning:- Since the brand struggles with being targeted during team fights, you use conditioning rune to become tanky and harder to kill. However, it will not give you any defense before 5 minutes.

(iv) ManaFlow band:- Since the Wild Rift hero Brand has mana problems, using the relevant rune like manaflow band will solve the issue.

Best Item build for Brand in Wild Rift

Brand Item Build

Your first item should always be Liandry’s Torment as it is the most perfect item for the brand build in LoL Wild Rift. The passive of this champ can proc liandrys passive, which stacks, making the burn damage even more insane.

After that, you buy a rabadoons deathcap to maximize damage as soon as possible, and you go to stasis so you can be safe from assassins and other targets.

Then, use the item ryalis crystal for the brand so you can slow the enemy making it easier to land your abilities, and at last, you finish your build with infinity orb and morellos.

The Best skin of the Brand champion.

Best skin of the Brand champion.