Rare chests in Clash royale You want to get

Rare chests in Clash royale You want to get

If you are a die-hard fan of Clash royale and wondering which are the rare chests in the game, then I have listed them in this article- Shall we continue?

Chest in the clash royal is the most satisfying component/feature of the game and is the main reason behind making the game addictive. These chests are surprise packs; opening them grants you gold and cards.

Depending upon your arena, the outcomes of gold and cards from the chest opening vary. For example, at the Clash Royale legendary arena (Arena15), a silver chest grants you 147-168 gold, whereas at Serenity peak(Arena 14) silver chest grants you 140-160 gold.

Top 5 Rare Clash Royale chests

#1. Tournament chest

Tournament chest Clash Royale: Rarest One

With no deniable, this tournament chest is one of the rarest chests in the history of the clash royale. You can not get it like other chests, such as the silver, golden chest, but it arrives only in the special tournaments.

Clash Royale gives a tournament chest as a reward to the top 3 tournament champions, and this chest takes about 13 days to be unlocked, containing around 75000-105000 gold with at least 500 epics and 3000 rare cards. According to a Youtube rumor, this chest had also granted up to 16 legendary cards.

#2. Mega Lighting chest

Clash Royale Mega Lighting chest

Mega lighting chest is another rare chest in comparison to other clash royale chests, with the availability of 0.78% getting it after the battle. This chest grants you around 8500 gold containing a total of 954 cards with the guarantee of 1 legendary card.

The Mega Lighting chest takes around 1 day to be unlocked, or you can also open it using 144 gems or 1 chest key.

#3. Legendary Chest

CR Legendary Chest

Legendary chest is also rare after the above-mentioned names in the clash royal, having the availability of 1% to get. It takes a total of 24 hours to be unlocked, or else you can use 1 chest key or 144 gems for instant opening.

It will only grant you one legendary card from any arena. Unlike other chests, it does not give you extra Common, rare, epic cards or gold.

#4. Royal Wild Chest

CR Royal Wild Chest

One of the best chests of clash royal so far, the Royal wild chest has the availability of 7% getting it after the battle. This chest takes 24 hr to unlock, or you can open it instantly, using 1 chest key or 144 gems.

This chest is the preferred chest so far because it does not grant cards, but it gives magic items(wild cards) that you can use to upgrade your battle deck in clash royale or the cards you wish. It guarantees a champion if your king tower is level 14.

#5. Epic chest

Clash Royale Epic Chest

Without a doubt, the epic chest is also the best but rarest chest in CR, with the availability of 17% getting after the battle. It takes 12 hours to unlock, or you can also open fast using 1 chest key or gems. CR Epic chest grants you only epic cards and doesn’t grant you any golds.