Best Epic Cards in Clash Royale of all time- Top 10

Epic Cards in Clash Royale

There are four types of cards in the Clash Royale- Common, rare, epic, and legendary, and each one is unique in its way- the classification is according to their type of rarity.

CR epic card is hard to obtain compared to the Common and rare cards but easier than legendary. So, let us make a collection of the best and most Useful epic cards of all time.

10 Best Clash Royale Epic Cards

#1. Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton card in clash royale

Without a doubt, we can say that giant skeleton is one of the most Powerful epic cards of all time that falls under the troop category cards. It does not target only the building but also targets every enemy troop on the ground.

After the Giant Skeleton dies, it leaves a big bomb on the ground dealing extra damage. So you can play giant skeleton card in a defensive and aggressive way- the total elixir cost is 6.

#2. Goblin Barrel

Clash royale Goblin Barrel card

Another useful Epic card is Goblin barrel which falls under the spell category cards. The troops of this card are mainly for attacking the enemy tower, but if you use it properly, you can play as defensive also. The total elixir cost of the Goblin Barrel card is 3.

#3. Wall Breakers

Wall Breaker card

The wall breaker is one of the best attacking Epic cards in Clash Royale as the card ignores all the enemy units and directly goes and targets the opponent tower.

If a wall breaker gets connected to the tower, it can take massive damage in a single time. The elixir cost of the troop is 2, but the cons about this card are that it has low hp.

#4. Witch

Epic Witch card in CR

Witch is the most overpowered epic card in CR, but the troop is weak only against the few others such as valkyrie and wizard, and they are strong against giant, prince, etc.

You can play the Witch card in both ways, defensive and aggressive, and with the right hero, a combo, you can increase the performance of this card. The total elixir cost of the Witch troop is 5.

#5. Guards

Guards card in CR

This card is a group of 3 Skeletons with a shield, and each Skeleton takes two shots to be dead. The guard card troop are Strong against the heroes like dark knight, prince, and Pekka, whereas they are weak against the heroes like a wizard, valkyrie, etc. The total elixir cost of this troop is 3. So, without denying, Guards is one of the best defensive Epic Clash royale cards.

#6. Freeze

Epic spell card in Clash royale

Freeze is a defensive and attacking card that falls under the spell category. The Freeze card in Clash Royale is strong with the other card combo, such as Pekka, hog-rider, but is weak without support of other cards as it does not deal any damage but freezes the enemy units for a. Total elixir cost for this freeze card is 4.

#7. Executioner

Executioner card in CR

The epic card executioner falls under the troop type card, which is good with the cards combo like Pekka, prince, and golem, whereas it is weak with the other cards like mini Pekka, Dark-knight, etc. You can use this card in both ways, aggressive and defensive, and the total elixir cost is 5.

#8. Tornado

Turnado card

If you use this epic spell card properly with the other heroes combo, there are fewer chances of losing every game you play. There is no counter to this epic spell card Tornado in Clash Royale, but it is best with the heroes combo such as wizard, valkyrie, etc. The total elixir cost of this troop is 3.

#9. Prince

Prince card

Prince is one of the most used epic cards that fall under the troop type category card in clash royale. With the right heroes combo, the prince can easily take down the enemy tower at once, whereas a prince might be weak against the enemy air troops/units such as minions, mega-minion, and sometimes witch.

You can play the prince card, both in a defensive and aggressive way- Total elixir of this troop-type card is 5.

#10. Lightning

Lightning card

We are talking about the epic cards in CR, and the lightning is the last Useful spell card on this list. The spell deals heavy damage to the tower and troops that fall within the radius. The total elixir cost of this spell-type card is 6.