Best Agility Heroes and Items in Dota 2

Best Agility Heroes and Items in Dota 2

Dota 2 Heroes are of three types- Strength, Agility, and Intelligence
(i) Strength heroes, which have more health than other heroes
(ii) Another, Agility heroes, which have more attack speed and movement speed
(iii) Moreover, Intelligence heroes, have more man pool and mana regeneration.

In this article, let us discuss the best agility heroes and items to pick in the game. Of course, some heroes perform better against other heroes, but I will list Out agility heroes, generally good for every game.

5 Best Dota 2 Agility Heroes you should pick

1. Juggernaut

Juggernaut has been an absolute fan favorite since the early days of Dota 2. He is an easy-to-learn hero, making it the first choice for beginners. Due to the juggernaut being an agility hero in Dota 2, he possesses high movement and attack speed, allowing him to push waves, jungle faster, and initiate solo Gank on an enemy hero, making him his favorite agility hard carry.

2. Viper

Best Dota 2 Agility Hero: Viper

Viper is a ranged agility hero with poisonous abilities that slows down enemy heroes and damages them. Due to the Viper being an agility hero with high attack speed, he can chase down heroes and prevent them from escaping using his abilities.

In Dota 2, Viper is even Stronger with items like a butterfly, Mjolnir that boosts his attack speed, but as he is an agility hero, he faces mana problems.

3. Anti-Mage

Anti-Mage is one of the melee-ranged agility heroes in Dota 2 with high spell resistance and mana-burning signature ability. He possesses a high attack speed and blinking ability that allows him to farm faster than other heroes in Dota2. This trait makes anti-mage a hyper-carry.

Anti-Mage is a perfect pick against heroes that are picked very often in the pub games, such as bristtleback, wraith king, and Viper, who depend on their mana.

4. Phantom -Assassin

Best Dota 2 Agility Hero: Phantom Assassins

Phantom Assassin is either instantly banned or instantly picked in lower bracket pub games. With only two active abilities, he is easy to play and dominates the match.

Phantom assassin being agility has high attack speed and movement speed that allows her to quickly blink up to an enemy and slash them down in seconds thanks to her critical damage passive ultimate(Coupe de grace)

5. Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer is an absolute nightmare if picked by the right hands. He is a Hero with high attack speed and movement speed that can make illusions with his abilities. Players commonly pick him as an initiator and hard carry in pub games.

If a player gets a diffusal blade early in the game as a phantom lancer, he gets a huge power spike allowing him to dominate the mid-game. Such traits make Phantom lancer a signature hero of one of the greatest Dota 2 players, Ana.

5 Best Agility Items

Since I have talked enough about agility heroes in Dota 2, let us discuss some items that work better on these heroes. There is no specific item attribute listed as agility, but there are items that boost agility as the primary attribute.

1. Butterfly

Best Agility Item in Dota 2: Butterfly

The butterfly is an item under weapons in the Main shop that you can make by purchasing an eagle song, a talisman of evasion, and a quarterstaff. This item gives 30 agility, attack speed, and evasion. It is the perfect Dota 2 item for hard carries like Luna as it provides both evasions, attack damage, and attack speed.

2. Ethereal Blade

Ethereal Blade is an item that is made by purchasing an eagle horn and a ghost scepter. This item boosts agility and attack speed. You can use it to activate an ethereal form where the hero is immune to physical damage but is 40% more vulnerable to magic damage. The Ethereal Blade is the best item for agility heroes with some nuke damage like Nyx assassins.

3. Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade in Dota 2: Best Agility Item

A diffusal blade is an item that is made by combining two sets of the blade of alacrity, robe of magi, and a recipe. This item gives a 20 agility bonus and gives mana breakability. Diffusal Blade is a good item for agility heroes because agility heroes have high attack speed and can burn down enemy heroes’ mana quickly.

4. Manta Style

You can make Manta-style items by combining a Yasha, an ultimate orb, and a recipe. Manta Style gives 26 agility and the ability to create two illusions. Agility heroes such as Medusa and Phantom lancer benefit from this item as manta style sync-in well with their other skills.

5. Eagle song

This item is a single purchasable item in the Dota 2 secret shop. This item does not give any Special or passive ability but gives 25 agility. However, this is the best agility item as it is an ingredient for others such as Butterfly and Ethereal Blade.