How to rank up Solo in MLBB? Best Tips and tricks

How to rank up Solo in MLBB? Best Tips and tricks

For every Mobile Legends player out there, climbing up to Mythical Glory ( The highest rank) is like a dream and the main objective. For getting a high rank, it is crucial to have dependable teammates who can coordinate well during the match. While MLBB is full of trash-talkers rather than trustworthy players, you can still rank up solo with your hard work and dedication. Here, we’ll share with you some of the hot tips and tricks to increase your rank in the Mobile legends solo match.

Top Tips and tricks to rank up solo in MLBB

1) Picking the right and comfortable hero for you

Many players often tend to pick up meta or OP heroes in MLBB battle even if they are not comfortable with it. Remember that even an overly powered hero can be a trash character if not used properly.

It is not worth going after the hero you can’t play. So, the first thing you need to do is, while playing for solo rank-up in Mobile legends, you need to pick the hero you know better.

There are many easy yet, powerful heroes in MLBB for solo rank push like Zilong, Alucard, Zhask, and you can master them effortlessly. So, pick your main hero and use the suitable combo attacks in the fight.

2) Understanding the Pick and Counter Pick

Understanding the Pick and Counter Pick to rank up solo in MLBB

Every hero in Mobile Legends has its pros and cons. While assassins, mages, and Marksmen have high damage ability, but squishy and can be easily killed with the counter heroes.

You should pay attention to the heroes your enemy picks in the MLBB rank match so that you can pick the right counter hero to tackle your enemy as a solo player. For instance, you can counter Aldous ( Fighter/ Assassin) with Chou(Fighter).

If you have sound knowledge of different ML heroes, picking up the counter might be a piece of cake for you. However, many beginners lack such information, so they pick their heroes randomly.

If you are among such beginners, make sure to do brief research on different heroes and their counter heroes before you dive into the rank match.

3) Good rotation with objective

A good rotation is a key to winning in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you are rotating in the wrong way, you might end up losing a lot of gold and even your turrets.

You should always rotate according to the hero you pick in the game. While the rotation pattern for every role in MLBB differs, the objective remains the same. The main objective of rotation in the game is to clear the minion waves, earn gold, gank with your team to kill the enemy, and finally destroy the enemy turret.

If you clear the minion waves earlier and gank in time to kill the enemy hero, you can have a lead in gold farming. Having more gold than your enemy is the best factor to win even a solo match in ML since you can afford more items and increase your damage and durability.

After picking the comfortable and counter hero, you need to consider the rotation pattern to increase your rank faster as a solo in MLBB(Mobile legends).

There are plenty of videos all around the internet to teach you in-depth about the rotation pattern for different roles in MLBB.

4) Self Belief and emotions

Having a strong fighting spirit is always necessary, whether it be a game or your real life. If you are passionate about ranking up solo to the Mythical Glory in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you need to have a strong fighting spirit.

You might not always win every match or lose a couple of stars, but never give up. Every defeat teaches you a lesson and gives you room for improvement. Implement what you have learned during the match and carry your team to victory rather than whining over the star you lost.

5) Avoid Trash talkers

As I mentioned earlier, many trash talkers in Mobile Legends Bang Bang put all the blame on teammates as well as cursed you during the match. It is always better to avoid such players and their activities during the match.

Engaging yourself with such trash talkers will only distract you from the game and make you forget your objective. If you want to win the game, avoid trash talkers and focus on your goal.

Those were some of our best ways to level up your rank solo in Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB). Follow the tips, above and be a pro player in MLBB. If you have any words, kindly leave a comment below.

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