Netherite in Minecraft: Where to find it?

All about Minecraft Netherite: Where to find it?

Netherite is the rarest resource that was added on Minecraft update 1.16.

Netherite is the new tier for weapons, armor, and tools, and even it is better than the diamond tier.

Where to find netherite in Minecraft?

To find Netherite, you have to build a nether portal first.

After making the portal and activating it, you should go to the nether prepared with good armor, weapons, and tools.

After entering the nether world, you dig down until you reach y coordinates 8-22. You have to keep mining down and sideways until you find ancient debris, the ore for netherite.

So, to know your coordinates in Minecraft, press Fn and F3 keys if you are on a laptop and f3 if you are on a PC.

How to find netherite faster?

Getting the netherite is pretty hard because it is most rare item in the game, but you can use TNT to get it faster in Minecraft.

You can use TNT in that level to clear out more areas until you find netherite. Still, it will take some time, but don’t worry, you will not lose ancient debris using TNT because it is blast resistant.

Instead of TNT, you can use beds because they have more blast radius. When you try to sleep in the nether, the bed blows up.

TNT is comparatively harder to make, so you can use beds to save your time and effort.

All about Minecraft Netherite: Where to find it?

But you will need to take care of your safety too. So, for that, you can place the block in front of you to protect yourself from the explosion.

After you find Netherite ore and mine it, it takes a little time to break, so use only a diamond pickaxe. If you use any other pickaxe, you won’t get the ore.

Finally, after mining enough Netherite ore, put it in your furnace or blast furnace and smelt it to make netherite scrap in Minecraft- One Ancient debris will give you one netherite scrap.

How to get netherite scrap in Minecraft?

How to make Netherite Ingots in Minecraft?

To make netherite ingots, you require gold ingots that you can get from nether by mining and smelting gold ore.

Collect 4 gold ingots and 4 netherite scraps, and place them on the crafting table to get netherite ingots.

How to make Netherite Ingots in Minecraft?

Also, you can make netherite bricks for upgrading your gear like tools, weapons, and armor to the top tier level better than the diamond.

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