How to get hero fragments in MLBB? 4 Tips

How to get hero fragments in MLBB? 4 Tips

Hero fragments are the items that you can use to buy heroes in MLBB without spending battle points or diamonds. But let me inform you, not all heroes will be available in the hero fragment shop.

For instance, heroes released just recently will take some time to make their place in the hero fragment section.

Moreover, only the selected number of heroes will be made available every month in this shop. And the cycle of rotation will keep on running respectively.

So, how do we obtain these so-called hero fragments in Mobile legends Bang bang to unlock heroes faster? What are the ways to get them?

Surprisingly it is easy, but you need to keep some things in your mind, and you will have sufficient fragments in no time.

How to get more hero fragments in MLBB?

1). Complete tasks and events

Keeping yourself updated with the latest events is crucial, especially when a new hero or skin is released in Mobile legends. Why?

Because usually, when a hero or a skin makes their debut in ML, a certain set of tasks comes along with it from which you can get hero fragments. Apart from that, you can also get free hero fragments from various other events.

2). Open video chest every day

Next, open the video chest every day. You will get ten chances to watch videos every day, and after watching each video, you will get rewards for it.

There is no guarantee you will get hero fragments as a reward, but there is a probability of getting them, so watch it all.

3). Be active

Another way to farm hero fragments requires some effort, so most Mobile legends players don’t know about it. For this, you need to be active on social media and follow ML’s official pages.

Officials post the code keys sometimes, and you can redeem surprises using that key, and you might get hero fragments as a gift for free in MLBB(Mobile legends).

There is also an alternative way by which you can get redeem key every month. You either need to be a code bounty hunter yourself, which might require some research, or you can follow those people who hunt those codes of hero fragments.

YouTubers like GIMMICKS PLAYS, Whocares ML are some of the best exemplars.

4). Draw and spin

Finally, the last way to make more hero fragment is by making a draw-in magic wheel, new arrival, and lucky spin in ML. You can gain 10 hero fragments from the magic wheel, and of course, it just depends upon your luck.

There are two sections for new arrival so make sure not to draw on the skin side. Make a draw on the hero side of the new arrival. Similarly, make a spin only when a hero is available in the lucky spin.

The odds of earning it are pretty low, but it does not mean that you should give up hope. Remember to remain positive.

In conclusion, hero fragments are very useful items but only for those who have yet to unlock all heroes in Mobile legends(MLBB). As for players who have already bought all heroes, it is just useless junk remaining in their inventory.