How can you tame axolotl in Minecraft? All detail about it

How can you tame axolotl in Minecraft? All detail about it

Firstly, you cannot tame an axolotl directly in Minecraft, but you can carry it with you. It means their behavior is different than other creatures.

The axolotl is the new water mob added in patch 1.17 is a cute little amphibious water creature. There are 5 variations/colors of axolotls in Minecraft, and they are Pink, yellow, brown, and purple are common, but blue is rare.

These axolotls have helpful behavior- when exploring underwater, these guys will follow you and help you fight with hostile mobs in Minecraft.

How to tame an axolotl in Minecraft?

The procedure of taming an axolotl is not like you tame a wolf by giving him bones. Firstly make a bucket using three iron ingots pieces and fill water on it.

Now, hold the water bucket in your hand and Right-click\Tap on the Axolotl to capture it. Once you do this, the axolotl is yours, and when you place it next, it will follow you around like a pet. You can hold a tropical fish in your other hand to make it follow you.

Taming axolotl in Minecraft

For placing it in your base, you must keep axolotl on water because it will die without water under 5 mins or so. You can also keep it in your bucket and carry it around wherever you want. So, this is how you can tame or make an axolotl your pet in Minecraft.

Where does the axolotl spawn in Minecraft?

Finding place of Axolotl in MInecraft

You can find axolotl in water inside deep caves, underwater in dark places, and lush caves. They mostly spawn on the coordinate’s y- 60-70.

How to breed axolotls in Minecraft?

If you love axolotls and want plenty of them in your base, then you can breed them. For that, you need to find two of them for breeding and place two of them on water.

You can also make a fence around them to prevent them from escaping.

Step to breed axolotl in Minecraft

Now, after capturing axolotls, you need to feed them tropical fish because that’s what they love to eat. Even in the wild, they hunt for fish. So, to breed the axolotls, give them both a bucket of tropical fish.

How can you tame axolotl in Minecraft? All detail about it

How can axolotl help you in Minecraft?

There are some benefits and uses of having an axolotl, and here is how they can help you:

(i) They will help you fight underwater mobs. If they get low health, they will play dead to regenerate health themselves.

(ii) If you kill the enemy while axolotl is fighting, the regeneration ability will transfer to you temporarily.

(iii) Axolotl are used farming fish and food. Since axolotls are hostile towards underwater mobs except for dolphins and turtles, they can kill fish.

(iv) Also, you can use Axolotl as a decoration in your base because they are the cutest mobs in Minecraft.

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