Dawnbreaker Dota 2 Item Build: When to Pick and How to Play her?

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 Item Build: When to Pick and How to Play her?

Valve had recently released a new hero named Dawnbreaker in the latest patch, 7.29. With a new hero almost over a year, players are excited to learn more about this hero. Here, I will explain the basics, best build items, and Dawnbreaker playing tips in Dota 2.

Who is Dawnbreaker?

Dawnbreaker is a tanky carry with low spell cooldowns, and her aoe spells make her the perfect in team fights. She is currently playing as a position 2 or position 3 hero in the mid or offlane, but you can also play Dawnbreaker as a nontraditional position 4 or position 5 hero.

Finally, Dawnbreaker is a Dota2 hero that can control the game with her base armor, damage, aoe spells, and movement speed.

When to pick Dawnbreaker?

Dawnbreaker is good to pick, especially when the enemy lacks stuns and disables in Dota 2 fights. You can choose her if your team contains heroes standing on the frontline and give Downbreaker some time for initiation. Dawnbreaker is powerful in team fights when she gets enough time to cast her spells, so you should pick her when your team contains Aoe lockdown.

What abilities does Dawnbreaker possess?

(I). Dawnbreaker’s first ability (Starbreaker) allows her to whirl her hammer 3 times, damaging heroes around her with bonus attack damage.

(II). Dawnbreaker’s second ability (Celestial Hammer) hurls her hammer at a target where the hammer pauses for 2 seconds and returns to her, leaving a trail where enemies are slowed and damaged.

(III). Dawnbreaker’s third ability (Luminosity) when activated- After 3 attacks, she powers up, charging her next attack with a critical hit. It heals all allied heroes around her for a portion of the damage dealt in the Dota 2 battle.

(IV). Dawn breakers ultimately create a pulsing effect at a location within 500 units of an allied hero anywhere on the map, damaging enemies and healing allies with each pulse.

After a short duration, she flies to the target location, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies upon landing. Once channeled, Dawnbreaker cannot stop his ultimate ability.

Best Item build for Dawnbreaker in Dota 2

When playing Dawnbreaker as support, be sure you buy enough regeneration to sustain in the early game. Although Dawnbreaker has a tanky health pool, you can get harassed in the lane as he is a melee hero. You will also face early mana problems as he has a low mana regeneration.

In the mid-game with Downbreaker, you should go for items that benefit the whole team, such as mana boots, V offering, and mechanism. In the late game, the perfect build items for Dawnbreaker hero are a shivas guard, a scythe of hex, and a refresher orb.

When playing Downbreaker as an offlaner, go for a quelling blade at the early game and some early regen. Phase boots are the best item choice, or you can go for a tranquil boot, depending on the situation.

Also, go for a magic stick. Go for damage items such as skull basher and Echo sabre in the mid-game. In the late game, stack up against your hero Downbreaker as much as possible and buy an aghinam shard.

How to Play for Dawnbreaker?

When playing Dawnbreaker hero in Dota 2, you should focus on the mini-map and be ready to engage in any gang battle. Dawn breaker is good when enemies Gank your heroes, and you can turn the fight around by joining in. He has a good power spike in the early game, so Gank heroes and scale-up in the mid-game.

When you pick Dawnbreaker for the match, be sure to the jungle sometimes, as this can lower your heroes’ potential and team to scale. Also, ward off the blind spots and the jungle areas, as this can help you look out for Ganks and initiate Ganks.