Rarest skins in Wild Rift: Top 10 Best Collection

Rarest skins in Wild Rift: Top 10 Best Collection

Skins in Wild Rift make no impact on the game, and it doesn’t make the game easier to play, but still, players buy it as it feels nice playing your favorite champion with your favorite skin. It might feel depressing when you are the only player on your team with no skin. Also, it feels very amazing to style on your enemy and outplay them while you are using a very cool-looking skin. In short, LoL Wild Rift players want to have a skins collection to show off, and the more the skin is rarest, the more it increases its value. So, do you have these skins?

10 Rarest LoL Wild Rift Skins

1. Praetorian Graves skin

Praetorian Graves skin

Graves is an underrated jungler with very underrated skin that not many players know about praetorian graves. This skin has different animation and particles, and the sound Graves makes with his auto attacks is satisfying. Also, The Praetorian Graves isn’t a legendary skin in Wild Rift, so it’s not as expensive as the other skins on this list, and it costs only 990 wild cores.

2. Godstaff Jax Skin

Godstaff Jax Skin

It is the best and rare skin for Jax in Wild Rift, as it just makes the already epic champion Jax more epic looking. You’ll feel more fabulous when you pop off while using this skin. Also, your in-game loading screen picture looks epic with Godstaff Jax Skin.

3. Dark cosmic Jhin skin

Dark cosmic Jhin: A rare skin in Wild rift

If you want to feel superior using a skin with different in-game animations, particles, and unique voice-line, then dark cosmic Jhin is the skin for you. When you buy and use this skin, all the Animation and particles of every single ability you have will be completely different, which makes using this skin much more worth it.

However, the Dark Cosmic is one of the rarest skins in Wild Rift- Only a few players have this skin in their inventory.

4. Muay Thai Lee sin skin

Muay Thai Lee sin skin

Lee sin has tons of different skins, but Muay Thai is the most popular and attractive skin in Wild Rift, and the best part about this skin is that it isn’t expensive at all, costing only 725 wild cores. Almost every Lee player uses this skin even though they have other skins, as this skin is the most iconic.

5. Preety kitty Rengar skin

Preety kitty Rengar skin

The Preety Kitty Rengar is another rarest skin in Lol Wild Rift. This skin has different animations and voice lines. The particles you get when you are in the bush are colorful, which fits the theme of the skin.

Also, whenever rengar jumps, he makes a cute cat sound effect which is Cute and terrifying at the same time. As you know, this cute cat can one-shot you if he wants to.

6. Project vayne skin

Project vayne skin: A rear skin in Wild Rift

You would think that a champion like Vayne does not need any skins as she has less to work with in terms of skin. But you’d be wrong after you buy and use Project vayne skin.

This skin just screams out fabulous, and when you use it ultimately, your whole screen changes particles and effects and makes you feel like you are doing something Cool. Project vayne is also one of the underrated skins in Wild Rift, so it is rarest in the game.

7. Zephyr dragon master Yi skin

Zephyr dragon master Yi skin

It is one of the best-looking skin on master yi in Wild Rift that money can buy. The sound effects of his autos and ult animation are just too satisfying. The Animation around his meditation is also very fancy-looking, which is always a good thing.

8. Dunk master Darius skin

Rare Skin in Wild Rift: Dunk master Darius skin

This skin is the most popular and attractive skin for Darius, as this skin makes Darius unique. The particles and special effects are different from his other skins.

His passive stacks are basketballs, and once he has five stacks on someone, there will be a basketball ring on top of their head. When Darius ults, he will use a basketball to dunk them, which is good to see.

9. Gatekeeper Galio skin

Gatekeeper Galio skin

Another Wild Rift rare skin on this list is gatekeeper Galio. This skin takes Galio as a champion who is already cool-looking and somehow manages to make him more attractive and epic.

When you ult using this skin, the whole area turns dark and purple. This skin makes your grand entrance ultimate even more cool-looking. Also, the voice lines of this skin are different.

10. Pulse fire thresh skin

Wild Rift Rare skin: Pulse fire thresh skin

If you want skin that makes your hook hard to see, pulse fire thresh is the best skin. The particles of this skin make his hook look narrower than it already is, which can hook your enemies by surprise when they think that they are safe.

However, the Pulse fire thresh is most rare skin in Lol Wild rift because of its expensive cost.