Best Midlaners in Dota 2- Top 10 Heroes

Best Midlaners in Dota 2

Midlane is one of the most Important and Hard positions to play in Dota 2, and their Midlaners play a role in controlling the game flow. From both teams, midlane heroes go head to head against each other and do their best with their mechanics.

There will be no teammates who directly help you in the early stage, so selecting the correct hero is essential as a Midlaner.
(This list is made by analyzing recent patches, pro matches, Dota 2 statistics, and personal experience)

10 Best Dota 2 Midlaners you must play

1. Tinker (Win rate: 55.90%)

Tinker Dota 2

Tinker was a very op hero in the professional scene for a long time, but it got nerfed slowly. But, in the recent updates, he got a built-in boot of travel which gave him a huge buff. Tinker is now a perfect midlaner in Dota 2 and can sustain the Mid lane effortlessly and cost-effectively since the early level.

His ability with laser beams and rockets allows him to harass enemy heroes. Tinker counters right-clicker heroes in Dota 2 such as faceless void, chaos knight, and blood seeker.

2. Queen of pain (Win rate: 51.46%)

Queen of pain

Queen of pain is one of the best lane harassers in the early game, as she has abilities with a low CoolDown that you can spam frequently. Although the Queen of pain is the best hero for the midlane position in Dota 2 she has less mana regeneration and mana pool, but buying some early mana regen items such as a bottle will help you in the laning stage. With a blink ability, you can take one-on-one fights and escape away without being killed. QOP scales quite well in the mid-game as she can go for Ganks in the side lane and get easy kills.

3. Invoker (Win rate: 48.21%)

Invoker is a fun hero to play but hard to master, and with a collection of 10 spells, he clearly can obliviate heroes with his arsenal of spells. He can pressure the enemy Midlaner with an early level in forge spirit and cold snap. He can also get kills in the mini-map with his global sunstrike.

However, invoker does face regeneration issues, so be sure to get some early regen. You should buy items that can disable or lock your enemy as your spells are more effective with such items.

4. Sniper (Win rate: 53.12%)

Sniper is probably the Easiest mid-lane hero to play and master in this list. He has a long attack range and animation that allows you to have an easier time at the lane, at last, hitting and harassing your opponent.

You have to try to pressurize your enemy Midlaner using shrapnel and spamming assassinate when you reach lvl6. You should build items that give Sniper an attack speed and damage, such as Maelstrom.

5. Ember Spirit (Win rate: 48.63%)

Ember Spirit Dota 2

Ember spirit has been a popular pick since the early days, mainly popularized by Pro Dota 2 teams in the TI. He is a versatile agility hero with a quick movement speed. His skills allow him to initiate aggressively and go for rotations in the side lanes. With his decent attack speed and damage, you won’t have a hard time last hitting in the laning phase. Focus on pressuring the opponent Midlaner early on to make most of this hero.

6. Kunkka (Win rate: 49.52%)

Kunkka Dota 2 Hero

Kunkka is my favorite Dota 2 Midlane hero up to date, as there are no other heroes that can pressure the enemy Midlaners without doing much. His second ability (tide bringer), which has no mana cost and low CoolDown allows you to harass the enemy Midlaner early on and force him to either spend his gold on regen or go back to base.

Kunkka can easily win the mid-lane in Dota 2 if you play him correctly, timing the runes and going for Ganks.

7. Husker (Win rate: 54.39%)

With one of the highest win rates in the game, Husker is a nightmare lane matchup. With his constant harassment through the burning spear, he makes the laning stage squishy heroes with low armor hell. Husker can go for rotation after he gets his ultimate and a boot. With constant Ganks after getting some early items, he can snowball from there, dominating the mid-game.

8. Batrider (Win rate: 48.67%)

Another midlaner hero in Dota 2, BatRider, is an excellent hero at isolating enemy heroes and disrupting the enemy team’s positioning. Sticky Napalm increases the damage Bat rider deals to targets, helping him end his enemies with Firefly allowing him to move over terrain, and opening up numerous possibilities in the midline.

When playing Bat rider, you should stack up Sticky Napalm until you can dive in and secure a kill. For Bat Rider, Build items such as blink dagger and force staff that sync with your ultimate to improve Ganks.

9. Lina (Win rate: 47.72%)

Dota 2 Lina

Lina is an intelligence-based nuker with low Cool-Down, and decent attack speed and damage. With a bottle, Lina can spam her abilities and harass the enemy in Midlane after timing and securing the runes.

After getting her ultimate, you can go for the enemy Midlaner or go for a rotation in the side lane. So, doing some early attack damage will help you scale in the mid-game with Lina.

10. Razor (48.66%)

Razor is a versatile hero who performs best in any lane, but he is better if you play him as a mid-laner in Dota 2. Due to his abilities, Razor can counter heroes that deal on the close-up counter, such as Husker, phantom assassin, and tiny.

As Razor has good movement and attacks speed, he can take advantage of it by quickly pushing the lane and going for a rotation in the side lane. With his ultimate, he can secure the tower early on. So, buying Items such as Yasha and sange will contribute to the health and damage of Razor.