Best Tower Skins in Clash Royale- Top 10 Collection

Best Tower Skins in Clash Royale

Tower skins are the things that make your king tower look more attractive and unique than your enemy. Some king towers even have the victory animation. Besides showoff, these skins do not have any other things to do. Nevertheless, it has become the hobby of a clash royale player to get and collect the exclusive king tower skins by purchasing a Roaylepass.

Top 10 Best Clash Royale Skins of King Tower

#1. Colossal tower

Colossal tower

The best thing about this Amazing colossal tower skin is that the tower itself turns into a castle with a great design resembling ancient mythology. The Colossal Tower skin was released in September 2020, and to get this skin, players purchased Royale Pass in season 15.

#2. Fortress tower skin

Fortress tower skin

Another dopest skin on this list is Fortress tower skin. So, the rock floating along the side of the king tower and the rives-like thing flowing from the middle make this skin unique from other tower skins.

The Clash Royale Fortress tower skin was released in September 2019, and to get it, the player should have purchased a royale pass in season 3.

#3. Jack-o’- Lantern

Clash royale Jack-o’- Lantern

If you ask me about Coolest and rare king tower skin in Clash Royale, then one of the skins that first comes to my mind is Jack-o’-Lantern. The best thing about this skin is that it transforms the king tower into the Halloween pumpkin giving it a different glow and the vibes of Halloween.

Jack-o’- Lantern skin came in October 2019 in Clash royale, and to get this skin player must have purchased Pass Royale in season 4.

#4. Party Hut

Party Hut

The Party Hut is also the rarest king tower skin in Clash Royale. It transforms the king tower into the party house by adding the lights on the top of the tower and giving the party vibes.

Party Hut tower skin came in November 2019, Season 5, and the only way to get this skin tower is to purchase the royale pass in Clash royale.

#5. Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower in clash roayle

Clash Royale released Dragon tower skin in May 2020 in season 11, and the player could achieve this skin tower by purchasing the Royale pass.

I consider it is one of the best tower skins in clash royale. The attractive part of the Dragon Tower is the eye of the dragon that glares at the troops. Another eye-catching portion of the skin is the tail falling from the right side to the ground.

#6. The tower of Dreams

The tower of Dreams

The pink cloud floating beside the tower of dreams is so cool, and the flower that has bloomed right in front of it gives the additional touch, giving the wonderland vibes. The release date of Tower of Dream skin was 2020, June, season 12.

#7. Ghostly Treasure

Ghostly Treasure skin in clash royale

The Ghostly Treasure is also on the list of best clash royale skins of king tower, as this skin gives you the feeling of being rich. The backside of the Ghostly Treasure tower is filled and overflown by the treasure making it very eye-catchy. Whereas the sword stuck on the ground before the king tower leaves suspense as a sword of Ghost.

Ghostly Treasure skin tower came in November 2020, and the player could achieve this skin through a royale pass.

#8. Clashmas Sled

Clashmas Sled

The Clashmas sled gives vibes of Christmas. The skin tower is turned into the sleigh with the lamp on the backside of both the tower edges. This tower skin came in December 2020, Season 18.

#9. Frozen Tower

Frozen Tower skin clash royale

Another cool tower skin on this list is Frozen Tower. So, The best thing about this skin is that it turns the king tower into an ice tower with a neat blue color, giving it sharp ice edges on all sides of the king tower. This Frozen tower came officially in January 2021 at season 19.

#10. Birthday Card

Birthday Card in Clash Royale

Having a Birthday card means you are celebrating the birthday of your king every day in Clash royale. It is the most decorative tower skin. The Birthday card skin came in March 2021, season 21, and players get it by purchasing a royale pass.