Best Support heroes in Dota 2 you should pick

Best Support heroes in Dota 2 you should pick

Support heroes are those heroes who spend their resources benefiting their teammates. In Dota 2, Support heroes play an important role in the early stage by helping their carry farm and survive the lane. They do not depend much on their items to make much of an impact in the game.

Every professional match contains hard support and support in each team. Let’s know some of the best support heroes you can pick in 2022. (This list was made by analyzing pro matches, recent 2022 updates, and also personal experience of the writer)

Here are the Top 5 Best Dota 2 Support Heroes

1) Lion

Although lion had some minor nerfs with the recent 7.30 and 7.30e updates, he is still a Very Strong support hero in Dota 2. Lion provides his carry with the needed stuns and disable in the early stage that can help them carry to initiate for kills or escape from Ganks.

Once he gets his ultimate, whose base damage starts from 600, the lion can actively help Gank the enemy midlaner. Lion can also build items such as mana boots that benefits the team. After getting Aghanim’s Scepter, he can clear out waves with his aoe ultimate, which has a low cooldown.

2) Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is a support hero in Dota 2

The Fire blast damage of Ogre Magi has been increased and ignites mana cost has been reduced. His ability bloodlust, which gives extra moment and attack speed, has a 20-second cooldown and a 30-second duration at level 1. You can buff your carry all the time and will massively help your carry farm at the early stage.

Ogre magi also get another huge power spike with his talent (+16 ignite DPS), which makes the total 66 DPS that lasts over 8 seconds. And with his Multicast, he has a chance to ignite a target multiple times. He alone can take down squishy heroes with low magic resistance.

Ogre magi team up very well with right-clicker heroes such as Sven, chaos knight, anti-mage, etc. So, considering all these things, you can pick Ogre Magi as a support hero in Dota 2.

3) Warlock

One of the Powerful Dota 2 support heroes in this list is Warlock, as he can play a vital role in gang fights despite not having proper items.

He can provide his carry with some early regeneration to sustain in the lane and performs the best job at harassing enemy heroes in the early stage. The Warlock also can mana boot, which will benefit the whole team.

Later, Warlock can build a Scepter and refresher, which gives the team an upper hand in team fights. Also, Warlock’s ability fatal bonds sync very well with Dota 2 right-clicker carries such as Sven, chaos knight, anti-mage, etc.

4) Shadow Shaman

Dota 2 Shadow Shaman

Shadow shaman is a fan-favorite and most used support hero in Dota 2 because he is an Effective and easy-to-play hero. This hero is a very hard hero harasser through his abilities which has a low cooldown.

Shadow Shaman syncs well with heroes with stuns as he has two spells that lock down enemies. Shadow Shaman can also build items such as mechanism, mana boost, and pipe of insight that will benefit the team.

The Shadow shaman with Aghinam shard gets another power spike helping his team Gank more. In the late game, he can build items such as a scythe of vyse to make the gang fight easier by disabling the enemy carry. Also, he can easily take down towers and barracks using his ultimate in the late game.

5) Bane

Dota 2 Bane, a support hero

Bane is Hard to support who can set his teammates up for kills. He is a strong laner and lane harasser due to his abilities, such as Brain sap.

When Bane gets his ultimate, he can lock up a single target enemy for a long time, and this works well with right-clicker heroes as they get the time needed to attack the enemy hero.

Bane also builds items such as a glimmer Cape and lotus orb that can benefit his teammates. Bane becomes much Stronger when there is proper communication and teamwork in the team.