Wild Rift Items and their uses: New Items list

Wild Rift Items and their uses: New Items list

Since the items mentioned in this article are new, players have no idea when and which champions to build with these items in LoL Wild Rift.

New Items in Wild Rift

1. Crystalline Reflector

Crystalline Reflector item

It is a new item for all the mages who need some armor to survive against AD assassins in the mid-lane like Zed. This item provides you with everything you need as an AP mid laner, such as a decent amount of ability power, armor, and ability haste.

As previously mentioned, Crystalline Reflector is very good against attack to damage heavy enemy champions, and even build this as your first item as this item is very cost-effective.

2. Hullbreaker

Hullbreaker item

With the introduction of this item Hullbreaker, the current meta has heavily shifted in favor of the spilled push champions. What this item does is when you are alone with no allies nearby, you will gain 10-50 armor and magic resist making you super tanky. It also allows you to do 20% extra damage to turrets.

If that wasn’t broken enough, nearby large minions also gain 50-170 armor and magic resist and deal 200% more damage to towers. Keep in mind this item is only good if you are split pushing. So you should not buy this LoL WR item to constantly group with your team as it will make the whole purpose of this item useless.

Champions that are good with the Hullbreaker item in Wild Rift are fiora, nasus, garen, Darius, etc.

Tip: you should also buy teleport with Hullbreaker as you can also teleport while spilled pushing to help your team.

3. Divine sunderer

Divine sunderer item

Another item for the baron lane fighters is divine sunderer. It works almost like triforce and black cleaver, but, at the same time, it is completely different from its counterpart.

Divine sunderer makes you super tanky. After using an ability with this item, within 10 seconds, your next attack will destroy 10% of the enemy’s maximum health and heals you for a percentage of the attack.

This item is very suitable for dealing with those pesky tanks that stack health while making you tanky. You should only build Divine sunderer when the enemy has tanky champions, but if not, it’s useless against champions who don’t build health.

4. Hextech Megadrive

Hextech Megadrive: LoL Wild Rift item

Hextech mega drive is one of the most underwhelming new items in Wild Rift, so you don’t see anyone using this item. What this item does is when you heal or shield your ally, it will reduce 10% of your active items’ cooldown.

Also, immobilizing an enemy champion reduces its remaining cooldown by 15%. This item is honestly not worth spending the gold for, and I don’t recommend you buy this item till it gets buffed.