Is Poco x3 pro the best for BGMI\Pubg mobile? You must read.

Is Poco x3 pro the best for BGMI\Pubg mobile? You must read.

If you are a BGMI\Pubg mobile fan, the Poco x3 pro mobile is a perfect choice. The phone came in 2021 with all the necessary features needed for gaming.

The Poco x3 pro is the perfect gaming phone for a middle-class person who has a limited budget.

Shot description:

Is Poco x3 pro the best for BGMI\Pubg mobile?

Display: 6.67 inch
Processor: 860 snapdragon
Front camera: 20 MP
Rear camera: 48 MP+ 8MP

Storage: 128\250 GB
Battery capacity: 5160 Mah
OS: Android

Gaming experience of BGMI\Pubg mobile on Poco x3 pro

The Poco x3 pro phone doesn’t give any lag problem and frame drop issue while playing Pubg mobile, BGMI, Genshine Impact. It can run any android game smoothly, like butter.


The phone is best to get high graphics gameplay like an iPhone user. You can get smooth-extreme, HD-extreme, Balance-extreme nad HDR-Extreme.

In conclusion, it gives 60 FPS in smooth-HDR. But, on HDR and HD, the Poco x3 pro can give you heating issues on hot drops like Bootcamp, Pochinki, and military base in BGMI\Pubg mobile.

So, on smooth-extreme, it can run your best game like butter in any map and location.

However, if more than 8 squads land in a single place, the frame rate can drop that you can adjust.

According to the experience, it’s better to play on smooth+extreme for a better gaming experience.


At a smooth-extreme level, you can get 58-62 FPS. And it gives 48-52 on HDR-Extreme on the hot-drop place where more than 6 squad lands together.

However, if there is no enemy around, you can get 52-60 FPS.

And if the enemy rushes upon you, the FPS drops, and it may create a heat problem on HDR+Extreme.

Sound quality:

Sound setting for Poco x3 pro to play BGMI\Pubg mobile?

You can get ultrasound quality in Poco X3 pro. You will not miss any footprints and firing sounds of your enemy.

Gyro sensor:

On the Poco x3 pro, the gyro sensitivity for Pubg mobile and BGMI is perfect as an iPhone. You can control your gameplay like a pro player.

Can we play costome or tournament matches in Poco x3 pro?

For a tournament, it can give you a bit of lag on the last circle due to many enemies but no bots.

You know, when zigzag creates while playing the game, the lagging starts.

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