Supply crates and coupons in BGMI: How to get for free?

Supply crates and coupons in BGMI: How to get for free?

In the battleground mobile India(BGMI), 20 coupons require to make two supply crates and ten for one.

Nowadays, the supply crate contains more valuable rewards than the premium crate. Therefore, most BGMI players are interested in opening supply crates rather than other boxes.

Another best thing about the supply crate is you can get one permanent reward for sure after crossing the 100% opening limit. One supply crate open completes 3%. It means you have to open 34 supply crates for 100%.

How to get supply crates and coupons in BGMI for free

1. You can get it from recall.

On the event section, you will see the recall event occasionally. It comes in every new season. Only, you have to recall your old friends in BGMI, and you will get 3 supply crates for free.

So, the rule is simple- Tap on recall. If the player comes back in the game, you will get recall points, including 20 coupons and one crate. After that, you can exchange those points to get more supply crates.

2. Max out your RP rank

The royale pass is the best way to claim rewards. Among all, you will also get some supply crate coupons in BGMI. Therefore, upgrade the elitepass to get more surprises than in the non-elite pass.

3. Redeem your clan points

Do you have enough clan points in BGMI? If you have, you redeem your clan points to get 4 supply crates every week.
(I) Go to the clan.
(II) Visit clan shop
(III) Exchange your points with the crate.

4. Get one crate for free from clan objects.

Complete the clan object and collect one supply crate and AG, radio, Paint for free in BGMI. To complete the task, only you need to add active players to your clan.

5. Daily login and event

get supply crates and coupons in BGMI for free

Every day in the event section, a new opportunity comes that gives free rewards like supply crates and coupons in BGMI(Battleground mobile India.

However, if there is no such opportunity available in the event section, you can claim one supply coupon from the daily login section.

6. Complete weekly activities

Get supply crates in BGMI from weekly activities

The battleground mobile India brings some missions that long last for a week. So, by completing those weekly tasks, you can earn some RP points, supply crates. So,
(I) Go to mission
(II) Go to weekly activities.
(III) Complete the tasks.

7. Play clan battle

The clan battle is a feature in BGMI to get free supply crates and supply crate coupons with other gifts. In this battle, two clans participate- Your and Opponents. And the high point achiever becomes the winner of the clan fight.

So, if you lose the fights still you will get the reward but less. Therefore, add skilled and active members to your clan and try to win the battle.

8. Complete achievements

In the achievement section, you will get some tasks that offer you rewards after completing them. Let’s discuss two achievements.

(I) Riding marksman

You have to defeat ten players with weapons while traveling on a vehicle moving at 30Km\hrs or faster for two supply crates in BGMI.

(II) Physical trainer

Complete physical trainer in BGMI to get supply crates and coupons

In this achievement, you will get a Jump, crouch, and prone task. And you have to do these physical movements 10000 times. However, you can complete physical trainer achievement quickly in the BGMI training ground also.

9. Upgrade your tier

In the BGMI, you can reach up to the conqueror tier, Right? But do you know, from bronze to platinum rank, you will get different rewards and surprises, including supply crates. So, improve your ranking.

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