Knull Marvel Snap Deck Guide

Knull Marvel Snap Deck Guide

This article will guide you with the Marvel Snap Knull Deck, how to unlock it, its uses, and its variants.

Knull Marvel Snap

Knull is a Marvel Snap card from Pool 4 (series 4), which costs 6 energy but has 0 power as a base having the speciality of “Ongoing type”. Yes, it is collectable as of now.

As you can have many cards in your deck, you should optimize your deck for using Knull as a finisher. Knull deck should look like this or should try to include the following:


Yondu only costs 1 energy, so use it to destroy the opponent’s top card of the deck in the game.

Electro has two specialities, as he has ‘On Reveal’ +1 Max energy which can be useful for the energy provision of other cards and ‘Ongoing’ play only a single card per turn.

When Wolverine is destroyed or discarded, he is again regenerated at a random location with a +2 power. It can be best Knull’s deck playstyle of the destruction of cards.

Deadpool is also a very good, low-energy costing card essential for the Knull deck. Use it to destroy and increase power for the next turn.

On reveal, wave makes both user’s cards cost a total of 4 energy on the next turn.

Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus on reveal has the power to pull 4 random cards from the opponent to that side of the location.

Death can also be used instead if Knull is not available. Around the end, many cards will have already been destroyed so this card can be used even with low energy for tons of power.

Galactus is a super synergizing card with Knull because each card destroyed by Galactus is measured the same for the power of Knull. It increases Knull’s total power massively when used at last.

How to Use Knull Deck?

This deck revolves around Knull and Galactus combo. As a general guideline, you should use Wave around turn 4 and then Galactus on turn 5. Then finally, use Knull as the finishing blow. Also, you will have destroyed cards lowering the cost of Death, which you can use if needed.

So keep things like this in mind while following the deck. With this, you can easily win games by a large power margin or at least most of them. But of course, you cannot attain all the cards as easily, so feel free to modify some of the cards and build your Knull deck, like using the Death card, Destroyer card, etc.

Currently, the average win rate of using the knull card is around 65% when played overall and 50% when drawn.

Best Knull variants

Variants are a sort of cosmetic upgrade on the look of the card, but not just that, they are also a source of collection–level progression acting as unique cards.

Some of the popular variants of Knull Deck in Marvel Snap are :

Base Card
(Pool 4)

Peach Momoko
(Super Rare Pool)

Peach Momoko

How to unlock Marvel Snap Knull?

Knull is found in Series 4 around collection level 485. You can purchase it through the Marvel Token Shop for around 3,000 collector tokens.