Whiteout Survival Fire Crystal | How to Get and Use it

Whiteout Survival Fire Crystal | How to Get and Use it

Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play mobile game where you build a base, train troops, and battle other players. Your goal in this game is to become the most powerful player in the world, and you can do it by collecting resources, upgrading your buildings, and training your troops. You can also attack other players’ bases and steal their resources. Many resources are required to upgrade the base/Troops, and Fire Crystal is one resource among them. Fire crystal is a rare and powerful resource in Whiteout survival, which you can use to upgrade your troops; this article will guide you with all about it:

How to get fire crystals?

  1. Weekly cards: You can get up to 52 crystals every week from the shop by buying weekly cards.
  2. Completing Flames and Fang event: you can collect up to 25 crystals from here
  3. Completing intel missions is also the best way to get free fire crystals in Whiteout survival.
  4. You can also get up to 10 fire crystals for free by completing daily Missions.

What are the uses for fire crystals?

1. Upgrade your buildings: 

The first best use is to upgrade your buildings, giving them a variety of boosts, such as increased production or damage. So, to upgrade a building, select it and click the “Upgrade” button. The cost of upgrading will vary depending on the building and the level of the upgrade.

2. Upgrade your troops: 

Its other use is to upgrade your troops, giving them a variety of boosts, such as increased health or attack damage. 

3. Combine:

You can combine fire crystals to create a large crystal, which can then be used to upgrade buildings and troops in Whiteout survival. To combine them, drag and drop them onto each other. The more fire crystals you combine, the larger the resulting crystal will be.

4. Trade them with other players; 

You can trade fire crystals with other players, and to do this, open the Trading Post and select the “Fire Crystals” tab. You can then browse the available fire crystals and make offers to other players.