Farlight 84 Best Heroes | Top 6 Collection

Farlight 84 Best Characters | Top 6 Collection

Farlight 84 is one of the best battle royale games where you can play with the different best Characters. This game is a hero-based shooter game like Overwatch. Each hero has unique powers and a unique way of fighting. So, to win the game, you must pick the right hero for your team. Here are the best heroes/characters in Farlight 84 who can help you conquer the battlegrounds and come out on top:

1. Phantom

best female character in farlight 84

Phantom is a powerful female character in Farlight 84, known for being sneaky and dangerous. Players like to choose Phantom because she can do many different things and help her team. Phantom is good at hiding and tricking other players as her special power, Optic Camo, can make her and her teammates invisible for a little while, which is good for surprising enemies. She can also find out where enemies are nearby using her other power, Portable Scout.

2. Momoi

Momoi is another good hero who can help the team and do well when playing alone. She is like a support hero but can also be tough to defeat in fights. Her ability called Supply Drop lets her change her weapons and gear often so she can be prepared for different situations. Her second ability, Smoke Bomb, helps her surprise enemies or escape when she’s in trouble. Momoi and her team can also use health kits and get shields faster than other heroes because of her special ability.

3. Maggie

Most players choose Maggie in Farlight 84 because she is swift and can move around the battlefield faster and better than other heroes. Her first ability is called Aero Zoom, which lets her use her jetpack more often, making her fast. It helps her use her second ability, Blast Delivery, to throw grenades without the enemies seeing them coming. Her passive ability, Jet Boost, also makes her hard to catch. She is like Tracer from Overwatch 2, always zipping around and causing trouble.

4. Sunil

best support in farlight 84

Sunil is the best support hero as he helps the team by giving them special boosts, and he can also protect himself if he’s playing alone. One of his abilities is called Enhanced Hologram, and it helps him and his teammates get rid of negative effects from other players. It also makes them move faster for a little while. Sunil can also use a jump booster to go over obstacles faster, and he naturally moves faster when he’s shooting his weapon. It makes him really useful in team play and also capable of doing well on his own.

5. Beau

Whether you play with a team or solo, you can pick Beau in any game mode, as he is the best male hero in Farlight 84 and can cause a lot of damage to other players. His abilities can hurt a bunch of enemies at once, so other players have to be careful when they fight against him. Beau’s ultimate ability is called Cluster Bomb, and it’s a really powerful grenade that explodes and hurts all the enemies nearby. He also has another ability called Frenzy Blast, where he throws three grenades that hurt enemies in a big area. However, this ability doesn’t work from a long distance.

6. Watchman

Watchman is a hero for the solo matches. He is like a human shield because he can protect himself and his team well. When he gets hurt, he gets a shield to block the damage, which is his first power called Auto Guard. His second power is called Bunkers Away, which lets him put up a barrier that protects him and his teammates. In addition, his ultimate can bring out a turret that shoots freezing bullets and automatically finds enemies to freeze them.