Momoi (Jenny) | Farlight 84

Momoi (Jenny) | Farlight 84

Momoi, who is famous by another name Jenny, is the female support hero in Farlight 84. You can upgrade her to Level 10, and in each Level, you gain additional abilities which strengthen her supporting and sustaining skills. She becomes more and more powerful and gradually becomes a valuable pick for the squad.

Momoi Skills & Abilities

Hoarder Drop
– She can deploy an Airdrop full of great stuff, which may include useful arsenals and resources.
– Good for saving time on searching for the loot
– This ability is also good if you want to do more camping than rush in the game.

Smoke Bomb
– She throws Smoke Bomb which will help to get more kills or escape the dangerous situation
– This ability also takes out the confidence of your opponent in the most significant situations.
– While using the smoke bomb ability, you must be with a teammate who is good at aiming.

Quick Aid
– She and her allies can use Med Kits and Restores Shields faster
– This ability is good to sustain longer and revive teammates in most situations.

Momoi Levels

2– Her damage increases by 8%
3– Reduces teammates’ revival time
4– Her damage increases by 8%
5– Strengthen the Smoke Bomb
– In the 5th level, her smoke bomb gains a poison gas effect
6– Her damage increases by 8%
7– Further reduces teammate’s revival time
8– Her damage increases by 8%
9– CD of tactical skill is reduces
– This will help to counter your opponent quicker and more smoothly.
10– Her damage increases by 8%


Currently, in Farlight 84, Momoi has four different skins which are as follows:

All SkinsHow to Get
Momoi Venus skin farlight 84

You can obtain it from the Events
First Snowfall Momoi Skin Farlight 84
First Snowfall
You can obtain it from the Events
Momoi Skin Farlight 84
Gladiator Charm
By Exchanging 399 diamonds

By Exchanging 399 diamonds