Undawn Best Weapons From Different Catagories

Best Weapons in Undawn From Different Catagories

Undawn is a survival open-world RPG game that came out on June 15, 2023. In the game, you join a group and fight for survival in a world after an apocalypse, where you have to fight zombies to stay alive and compete with other squads for control of different areas. You will find the pools of weapons/Guns in Undawn, each with its strengths and weaknesses and here are some best options from different categories:

Submachine gun

A submachine gun is a smaller and lighter type of gun compared to a regular rifle. It is easy to use, and you can use it with one hand. Submachine guns usually shoot smaller bullets like pistols but at a high rate. So, here are the best Submachine guns in Undawn:

Vector weapon undawn

Vector is the most common and popular SMG gun that everyone wants to use. It has the best firing rate and sound, which makes this SMG weapon a favourite among survivors. Even though of these factors it comes with a drawback. This gun does not have many bullets capacity in one magazine. So, if you are using a vector, you must pay attention not to miss many shots; otherwise, you will have to reload, and the opponent might get an advantage.


PP-19 is another sub-machine gun in Undawn, which is one of the lightweight and powerful weapons and uses 9mm ammo. It is designed for players who believe in an aggressive approach when dealing with zombies. It has different firing modes, allowing for precise shots, controlled bursts, or continuous automatic fire. With the PP-19, players can confidently navigate the zombie-infested world, unleashing devastating firepower against their undead enemies.

Assault rifle

Assault rifles are lightweight and easy to handle, making them a popular choice among gamers. Assault rifles typically have a high rate of fire, allowing players to rapidly shoot multiple rounds at their opponents from long and short ranges. They often come with different attachments and modifications, such as scopes, grips, and extended magazines, which can enhance their performance and customization options. So, here is the most powerful Assault Rifle in Undawn: 

Ak 47 undawn

Like other games, players find it comfortable to use the AK47 while fighting against zombies and other enemies. This firearm is excellent for getting a kill from Mid, Short and even long-range. When players use the AK47, they can shoot a lot of bullets quickly, which helps them take down enemies fast. It’s also pretty easy to control(Low-Recoil) when shooting, so players can aim accurately and hit their targets. 

Besides Ak47, AK115 and HK416 are also good AR in Undawn as these guns have almost similar features to Ak47. 

Heavy machine gun

Heavy machine guns excel at suppressing fire, mowing down multiple enemies, and providing cover for teammates. It’s large ammo capacity and formidable firepower make it a valuable asset for controlling chokepoints and defending objectives. Players who wield heavy machine guns in games can dominate the battlefield and play a crucial role in supporting their team with Heavy firepower. 


So, M134 is the best heavy machine gun in Undawn as it is one of the weapons with a rapid rate of fire and devastating damage, and it excels at suppressing enemy forces and unleashing a torrent of bullets. With its high ammunition capacity, players can sustain fire for an extended period, making it ideal for holding down positions or defending objectives. Its immense power can turn the tide of battles and provide crucial support to teammates. Wielding the M134 in Undawn allows players to dominate the battlefield with overwhelming firepower.


Shotguns boast a widespread, making them effective at hitting multiple targets or covering a broader area. Their satisfyingly loud sound and powerful kickback create an immersive experience, while their ability to inflict devastating blows often results in instant kills in close-range encounters. Origin 12 is the best choice of the shotgun in Undawn.

Origin 12

Origin 12 is a shotgun that players can wield. It is a powerful and reliable firearm known for its close-range effectiveness. The Origin 12 features a semi-automatic firing mechanism, allowing rapid successive shots. Its widespread pattern ensures a higher chance of hitting targets, making it particularly lethal in close-quarters battles. The shotgun’s design and sound effects add to the immersive gameplay experience. Players can rely on Origin-12 gun to deliver significant damage and take down enemies swiftly in the post-apocalyptic world of Undawn.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles are known for their high damage and exceptional accuracy, allowing players to eliminate targets from a distance with a single, well-placed shot. These weapons require patience and careful aim, as they usually have a slow rate of fire and limited ammunition capacity. Skilled players can use these rifles to control the battlefield, pick off high-value targets and provide crucial support to their team from a distance. So, SVD is the most preferred sniper rifle among all the long-range weapons in Undawn. 

R700 Undawn weapon

SVD is a reliable arsenal renowned for its precision and accuracy. It is equipped with a high-magnification scope, enabling players to zoom in on targets and take precise shots from a distance. In addition, it allows for quick follow-up shots with its semi-automatic firing mechanism if needed. The SVD excels at eliminating enemies from afar and is often sought after for its versatility and effectiveness in various scenarios. In the post-apocalyptic world of Undawn, the SVD serves as a valuable tool for players who prefer a strategic and calculated approach to combat. Moreover, R700 is another high-damage dealing Sniper Rifles in Undawn after SVD.