Farlight 84 Best Claw Settings | 2, 3 & 4 Finger Layout

Farlight 84 Best Claw Settings | 2, 3 & 4 Finger Layout

Claw settings in mobile shooting games is the feature that lets players adjust the controls to suit a specific hand/finger position called the claw grip. The claw grip involves using your index fingers for aiming and shooting while using your thumbs for movement. By customizing the on-screen buttons, players can place them in a way that works best for their fingers. It helps improve control and allows for more precise movements and faster reactions during gameplay. You should note that this setting differs from person to person depending upon their hand structure. In this article, you will find the best 2 Finger, 3 Finger and 4 Finger claw settings layout in Farlight 84(With Screenshots):

2 Finger Setting

For optimizing your gameplay in Two finger layout, it’s significant to consider the placement of buttons for your thumbs. Having all the buttons near your thumbs allows quick and easy access during intense situations. Placing buttons in the corners or far away can lead to difficulties reaching them, especially when you have to react swiftly to being shot at or engaging in sudden fights. It’s highly recommended to enable the auto loot setting for convenience. If you are new to Farlight 84, it would be best to start with a Two finger control setup, and here it is:

Farlight 84 2 finger settins

3 Finger Setting

This control layout enhances your gameplay experience by assigning firing and reloading actions to your left pointer finger while your right thumb focuses on looking around. During gunfights, you can aim and shoot with precision using your left pointer finger while keeping your right thumb on the screen most of the time. This cohesive setup allows for smoother and more efficient gunfights. Additionally, this three Finger layout eliminates the need to lift your thumb to press buttons, which makes it easy to engage and disengage from fights in Farlight 84 without repositioning your hand. Although the top left corner may appear crowded with buttons initially, you’ll quickly adapt to it with practice.

3 finger settings

4 Finger Setting

One of the most recommended and easy-to-control Farlight 84 claw settings, which is even popular among pro players, is the four finger layout. Once you become comfortable with the three-finger, you must customize this setup. This layout involves moving the buttons from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to the top left-hand corner. While using this layout, players hold their phones with both thumbs and utilize their two index fingers for button inputs.

four finger setting

Here, you will use the remaining six fingers solely for holding the phone and not for pressing any buttons. The main advantage of the 4-finger claw is that it allows players to keep both thumbs on the screen at all times. It is crucial in a movement-intensive game like Farlight, which features jetpacks and more abilities requiring quick reactions. Having thumbs on the screen, players can easily manoeuvre themselves to optimal positions, dash away, or seek cover at a moment’s notice. Additionally, they can switch weapons, reload, or heal themselves without having to remove their thumbs from the screen, enabling continuous gameplay.