Farlight 84 Best Vehicles | Top 5 Ranked

Farlight 84 Best Vehicles | Top 5 Collection

Farlight 84 is a multiplayer battle royale video game set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. One of the distinguishing features of this game is its emphasis on vehicular combat. Players can access many vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, tanks, and even aircraft, and you can use them for transportation, exploration, and engaging in battles with other players. So, Here are the Top 5 Best Vehicles in Farlight 84 you must use on the battlefield:

1. Crabby


A large, four-legged creature with a hard shell and a powerful laser cannon, Crabby is the best vehicle in Farlight 84. Crabby is slow but very tanky. He can also jump high, which gives him a strategic advantage in battle. Its primary attack is a laser cannon that fires a powerful energy beam. The laser cannon has a long range and can deal massive damage, making it ideal for taking down enemies from a distance.

Crabby’s secondary attack is a jump attack that allows him to leap into the air and land on enemies with devastating force. Its ability, Shell Defense gives Crabby a shield that absorbs damage. It regenerates the shield by picking up health packs or staying out of combat quickly. Overall, Crabby is a powerful vehicle that can be very effective in battle and is a good choice for players who prefer to play defensively or want to use their jump attack to surprise enemies.

2. Seiryu

Seiryu Farlight 84

Next on the list is Seiryu, an extraordinary vehicle that embraces the cutting-edge technology of levitation for its mode of transportation. By effortlessly hovering a few inches above the surface, the Seiryu has the ability to traverse on land and water without encountering any limitations or drawbacks.

If you find yourself stranded outside the designated zone, with a formidable river blocking your path. While others are left grappling with the daunting task of travelling to a distant bridge, risking their safety and precious time, the Seiryu elegantly glides across the water’s surface, rendering the obstacle nothing more than a fleeting moment. So, this versatility makes the Seiryu a good vehicle, ensuring swift and efficient transportation across all terrains. The advantages of the Seiryu extend far beyond its water-crossing capabilities. So, with its state-of-the-art levitation technology, this extraordinary Farlight 84 vehicle conquers treacherous landscapes that would typically impede the progress of ordinary Vehicles.

3. Ram


Ram is an armoured vehicle that combines moderate speed with formidable firepower. It features a built-in missile launcher designed to engage and neutralize enemies from a safe distance, all without requiring the occupants to exit the vehicle. Operating from advantageous high grounds or elevated positions, it offers the strategic advantage of unleashing devastating missiles upon foes while remaining shielded within its protective armour.

The mounted missile launcher provides a versatile means of weakening adversaries or inducing a state of panic before initiating a direct assault. By methodically reducing enemy HP or creating a frenzy-inducing environment with the Ram, you can smoothly disrupt their defenses and gain the upper hand. However, it is significant to note that this vehicle’s mobility is relatively limited, and traversing rough terrain poses a risk of tumbling, potentially rendering you an easier target for opportunistic enemies.

4. Vindicator 1.5

Vindicator 1.5

The Vindicator 1.5 is one of the most aggressive vehicles in Farlight 84, heavily reliant on roads for optimal performance. Equipped with a machine gun and a grenade launcher, it excels at offensive manoeuvres. The grenade launcher deals substantial splash damage, effectively neutralizing multiple nearby enemies, while the machine gun allows for precise bursts of fire, enabling to eliminate foes swiftly. 

This vehicle is exceptionally versatile, serving offensive and defensive roles with its devastating firepower. Whether engaging enemies head-on or defending strategic positions such as buildings, the Vindicator 1.5 proves to be a formidable asset. Its dual weapons can shred opponents, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a well-rounded and lethal vehicle in the game. While its offensive capabilities are its primary focus, it is worth noting that the Vindicator 1.5 also functions as a reliable transport vehicle. In addition to its destructive potential, it efficiently facilitates the movement of players across the game’s terrain.

5. Arsonist

Arsonist Farlight 84

The Arsonist is an armoured sleeper car in Farlight 84 with average performance but possesses a distinctive feature that sets it apart: a mounted flamethrower on the front of the vehicle. This flamethrower inflicts significant damage to enemies within close range, making the Arsonist a formidable force in surprise ambushes.

The true strength of the Arsonist shines when it manages to engulf multiple enemies in flames simultaneously. In such cases, it is safe to say that they will be reduced to nothing more than charred remains. This vehicle proves highly effective when charging at weakened enemies or those who have already suffered damage, as they often cluster together after confrontations, presenting an easy target for the Arsonist when utilized to its maximum potential.