Arknights Best 6-star Operators | Top 10 Collection

Arknights Best 6-star Operators | Top 10 Collection

In the game of Arknights, operators are the backbone of any successful squad. With their unique abilities and impressive combat skills, they are the key to overcoming the challenges presented in this tactical strategy game. So, among the various rarity levels, the 6-star operators stand out as the epitome of power and versatility. Here are the best 6-star operators in Arknights, highlighting their strengths and why they are considered essential for any aspiring commander:

1. Siege

Siege Arknights

Siege is a formidable Vanguard operator who excels in both offence and defense. Armed with her massive hammer, she deals heavy damage to enemies while exhibiting remarkable resilience against substantial attacks. Siege’s exceptional talent, “Highly Mobile,” bestows her with increased movement speed and attack power, enabling her to close the distance and obliterate foes faster. With her outstanding durability and offensive capabilities, Siege is an excellent 6-star operator for leading charges and securing crucial positions on the Arknights battlefield.

2. Ch’en

Ch'en Arknights

Ch’en is a powerful melee Guard operator renowned for her lightning-fast strikes and devastating damage output. Activating her skill, S3: Thunderclap, empowers her attack power and speed and grants her additional range. With this formidable skill at her disposal, Ch’en swiftly dispatches enemies with unparalleled precision. Furthermore, her unique talent, “Clairvoyance,” unveils hidden enemies within her attack range, offering her superior battlefield awareness. So, Ch’en’s exceptional offensive abilities and heightened awareness make her an ideal choice for eliminating high-priority targets and expertly carving through enemy lines.

3. Angelina


Angelina is one of the best support operators among all Arknights 6-star rarity options, and she can manipulate the flow of battle with her Arts-based abilities. Her skill, “S3: Starfall,” unleashes a continuous rain of projectiles, inflicting Arts damage on a wide area of enemies. Additionally, Angelina possesses the unique talent of “Wariness,” which enables her to diminish the Arts resistance of enemies within her range. So, this synergistic trait perfectly complements her supportive role, allowing her to weaken enemy defences and enhance the effectiveness of allied casters. Overall, her crowd control and supportive capabilities position her as an invaluable asset in different situations.

4. Ifrit


Ifrit is an Arknights ranged Caster operator, and she is good 6-star for harnessing the devastating power of fire. Unleashing her skill, S2: Calamity summons a colossal flame tornado, continuously dealing Arts damage to enemies within its range. Ifrit’s immense AoE damage and extensive attack range position her as a formidable force against groups of adversaries. Additionally, her unique talent, “Blazing,” grants her increased Arts damage and boosts the damage of her initial attack upon deployment. Ifrit’s ability to wreak havoc upon multiple foes from a safe distance solidifies her as an invaluable asset in crowd control and area denial.

5. Skadi 

Skadi Arknights 6-star

Skadi is a lethal Assassin operator, celebrated for her incredible speed and unmatched single-target damage. Activating her skill, S3: Indra’s Edge, empowers her to rapidly strike enemies with increased attack power and speed, efficiently dispatching high-value targets. Skadi’s unique talent, “Chain Kill,” allows her to instantly eliminate an enemy unit after defeating another, offering relentless momentum in battle. In addition, with unparalleled assassination abilities and the potential for continuous eliminations, Skadi stands as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

6. SilverAsh


The Blazing Commander: SilverAsh boasts an imposing presence and overwhelming firepower, firmly establishing himself as one of the most popular 6-star Arknights operators. So, armed with his deadly blade and the ability to summon a colossal armoured form, SilverAsh decimates enemies with his powerful Arts damage. Furthermore, his skill, “True Silver Slash,” significantly enhances his attack range and damage, effortlessly sweeping through hordes of enemies.

7. Eyjafjalla

The Volcanic Sorceress: Eyjafjalla harnesses her pyrokinetic abilities as a formidable caster, channelling the power of volcanic eruptions. Unleashing her skill, S2: Magallan Alpha summons a devastating volcano, inflicting immense AoE Arts damage upon multiple enemies. She possesses high Arts damage and excellent crowd control abilities. So, Eyjafjalla’s incredible range and destructive potential make her a top Arknight operator for clearing waves of enemies and obliterating high-priority targets from a safe distance.

8. Saria

6-star operator Saria in arknights

Saria is also a strong support/healing operator with extraordinary defensive capabilities. Her skills offer healing and damage reduction to allies, serving as an invaluable asset in sustaining the team’s survivability. With her “S2: Heavenly Blessing” skill, Saria can simultaneously heal multiple allies, ensuring their continued presence on the battlefield. Furthermore, her “S1: Binding Circle” skill can temporarily immobilize enemies, providing crucial time for the rest of the squad. Saria’s defensive prowess and healing abilities make her an essential addition to any team composition.

9. Exusiai 


Exusiai showcases her mastery of the sniper role, wielding unparalleled accuracy and speed. Armed with her dual pistols, she deals incredible physical damage to enemies. Her skill, “S2: Eagle Eye,” enhances her attack speed and grants her an increase in attack power, transforming her into a relentless killing machine. With her long range and ability to target multiple enemies simultaneously, Exusiai excels in eliminating high-priority targets, such as enemy snipers or casters. Her exceptional damage output and versatility make her a must-have six-star operator for any commander.

10. Hoshiguma

Hoshiguma Arknights, 6-star operator

If you are seeking operators with 6-star rarity, having the best defensive and CC capability in Arknights, Hoshiguma is also a good choice. Equipped with her massive shield, she withstands significant amounts of damage while also inflicting AoE damage on surrounding enemies. Her skill, “S2: Shield of Justice,” further amplifies her defensive capabilities, granting her immense survivability. Hoshiguma’s exceptional tanking abilities and offensive potential make her an ideal pick for holding critical positions and protecting fragile operators.