Eternal Evolution Best Heroes & Their Abilities

Eternal Evolution Best Heroes | Top 8 Collection

Eternal Evolution is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi idle RPG game where you collect and evolve creatures to create the strongest team possible. With its attractive visuals, exhilarating battles, and strategic depth, this game offers an immersive experience. In Eternal Evolution, you will get the opportunity to gather and enhance a diverse collection of over 100 creatures, forging a formidable team. Each possesses unique abilities and strengths that contribute to the overall strength of your squad. You can empower your Creatures through Evolution, unlocking their true potential and increasing their effectiveness in combat. This progression system adds depth to the gameplay and allows for the creation of an exceptionally best team. So, here are the top 8 best heroes/Characters in Eternal Evolution:

1. OAK 

Eternal Evolution OAK

Oak is an Elite rarity Tanky character from the Atlas faction, and he has a high base HP and Defense, which makes him a popular choice among players. His ultimate ability, Earth Power, increases his damage reduction by 15% for 6 seconds and allows him to attack with Thump. Furthermore, his passive ability, Fighting Spirit, grants him 1% extra MAX HP for each expired Heavy Armor buff, stacking up to 4 times. In addition, when Oak takes lethal damage for the first time in a battle, he becomes immune to damaging skills for 2 seconds.

2. Luke


Luke is an Energy hero from the Wenfyr faction in-game. His ultimate ability, Night Curse, summons a swarm of dark crows that charge forward, dealing high ATK DMG to enemies in a large area. It inflicts layers of Crow’s Curse, reducing enemy DEF for a duration. His first common ability, Night Energy, launches an energy ball that explodes upon impact, damaging nearby enemies and granting a Night Curse stack.

His second common ability, Crescent Energy, shoots a crescent laser that damages enemies in its path and applies a Night Curse stack. Moreover, his passive ability, Night Recharge, grants him Energy for hitting multiple non-summoned enemies with his skills, allowing him to gain up to 80 Energy per skill.

3. Masrani

Eternal Evolution Masrani

Masrani, SSS rarity Support from the Atlas faction in Eternal Evolution, is one of the best healer and buff provider heroes. His ultimate ability, Realm of Life, heals allies and provides shields two mates for 3% of his Max HP for 8 seconds when he enters the battlefield, prioritizing units in the back row. If there are fewer than two allies in the back row, the skill prioritizes the unit with the highest ATK. His passive ability, Scholar, grants a 6% DMG reduction for 4 seconds to allies when Masrani heals them, without stacking.

4. Rez


Rez is another good Support hero who can inject stimulants into an ally, restoring their energy to the maximum limit. The amount of energy consumed increases based on how much energy is recovered. He prioritizes selecting a same-row ally but switches to the ally with the highest attack if the same-row ally is out of range. His first common ability, Bio Grenade, throws a biological grenade at the nearest enemy, dealing ATK DMG to enemies within range and decreasing their energy.

Rez’s passive ability, Tactical Roll, allows him to roll towards the flank every 5 seconds, shooting at targets of same-row allies and dealing ATK DMG. During the roll, he removes debuffs and becomes immune to damage. If there are no same-row allies, he instead attacks the targets of the ally with the highest attack.

5. Zaida

Eternal Evolution Zaida

If you are tired of playing all other tank heroes Eternal Evolution, I recommend you build and play Zaida. Her ultimate ability, Whale King’s Wrath, unleashes a series of violent stabs at the target enemy, inflicting damage and granting a protective “Whale King’s Shield” based on her Max HP. After the shield expires, nearby enemies are stunned. Her first common ability, Tide Blessing, grants her a Tidal Shield based on her Max HP. When the shield dissipates, any remaining strength is converted into healing. Zaida’s passive skill, Stormy Seas, summons a tidal wave that damages and knocks down all enemies in her path.

6. Bohr


Bohr is an Elite Tank from the Wenfyr faction, and he can transform into a larger form, allowing him to deliver a powerful ground smash that damages all enemies within range. When Bohr’s HP drops below a certain threshold, the damage is deducted from his maximum HP instead of his current HP. His first common ability, Throw, becomes more impactful based on the HP ratio of Bear Vanguard, resulting in increased damage and longer stun durations. His second common ability, Bear Shield, grants Bohr a protective shield based on a percentage of his maximum HP for a duration of time.


Eternal Evolution BAILEY HUDSON

Bailey Hudson is the SSS rarity Assassin hero from the Terran faction, and players like him because of his exceptional DPS capabilities. His ultimate ability, Shadowless Slash, inflicts two powerful slashes on enemies in a small area while granting Bailey Hudson immunity to damage and debuffs. Furthermore, his passive ability, Iaijutsu, allows him to enter an Assassination state when no enemy exists nearby, making him undetectable to the enemy until he performs an attack.

Bailey Hudson’s passive ability, Tengu Faith, increases his CRIT RATE and CRIT DMG with each consecutive attack on the same enemy, up to certain limits. However, changing targets removes this increased CRIT RATE and CRIT DMG, and the effect does not apply to Shadowless Slash. His Hidden ability is triggered when he loses 30% of his HP, activating up to two times per battle. So, all these abilities make BAILEY HUDSON one of the best Eternal Evolution DPS heroes.

8. Emma


Emma is an Eternal Evolution best Hunter hero from the Terras faction. Her ultimate ability, Arrow Rain, allows her to continuously shoot at the target enemy for 3 seconds, firing multiple crossbow arrows. She can fire additional arrows based on her bonus Attack Speed (AS).

Her active ability, Mini Bombs, plants a bomb on the enemy that explodes after a set time, dealing high ATK DMG. Each attack from Emma increases the bomb’s DMG, stacking up to 4 times. Her passive ability, Marksmanship, increases the weapon activation duration, causes Mini Bombs to detonate immediately at 4 stacks, and refreshes skill cooldowns. During weapon activation, her basic attacks and Arrow Rain have a chance to extend the activation duration, and casting Weapon Activation again refreshes its duration.