Arena Breakout Valley Map Guide

Arena Breakout Valley Map Guide

As we know, Arena Breakout is a shooter survival game. In this game, players must fight against each other to stay alive. They need to explore the game world in search of loot and resources which help them survive. When the game starts, players drop into different areas of a map and try to remain safe till the last zone, like in the other battle royale game. There are four maps in Arena Breakout, and this article will guide you with the Valley Map.

Valley & Its Layout

Valley is the second map you unlock in the game, and it is larger than the Farmland map, with plenty of sniping spots. If you’re a beginner, using short-range weapons here will be challenging, so it’s best to stick with mid to long-range weapons. Assault rifles like the AK12 and M4 perform well, while snipers and marksman rifles are excellent due to the many high-ground positions for sniping.

If we talk about the layout, then the Valley map is C-shaped, with the ocean on one side (South side). It contains more mountains and high grounds, which makes it perfect for snipers. There are 12 spawning sites in the game, and 6 of them are on the left side, and the remaining are on the right side of the map. There is no spawn location in the centre of the map. You will find 2 permanent extraction and 4 conditional extraction points in the Valley.

The yellow dots are the Spawn location:

The green mark is the permanent extraction point, and the yellow cross is the conditional extraction point:

In addition, here are all the locations of Valley Map in Arena Breakout:

  1. Small Factory
  2. Supply Camp
  3. RV Camp
  4. Eastern Farmland
  5. Frontline Position
  6. Beachhead Frontline
  7. Valley Village
  8. Crash Canyon
  9. Radar Station
  10. Port
  11. Beach Villa
  12. Piano Radio Station

Valley Map guide

Many players find it difficult to play inside the Valley area as it is Huge and has many bushes where players might be camping. You can play full-aggressively doing PvP or play safe by looting carefully. If you want PvP, go directly towards Small Factory or beach villa for fast action. But if you want to play safe, hang around the spawn area for some minutes. Then head towards Small Factory or beach villa cautiously. 

Map exploration also varies from spawn to spawn. Wherever you spawn, go to a small factory or beach villa because these two are the best loot locations in the Valley map. 

If you spawn around the top left side of the map, then first get some loot and go to a small factory. After looting Small Factory, proceed to the RV Camp. This place has a decent amount of loot, including a locked room that requires a key. You can also find drinks and food in this area. And after that, if you want to head to the beach villa, avoid the middle section, as it’s too open and vulnerable to snipers. 

The villa contains two free safes, one in the main building and another in the locked main bedroom (requires a key). There are also numerous communal jackets, cases, and PCs to loot. The garage has a locked door with a safe inside. 

Some bonus tips:

  1. Always be cautious on the map because there will be lots of snipers here.
  2. Remember to search for the jackets and cases in the Beach Villa
  3. You should carry one sniper and long-range guns on this map.
  4. Especially for this map, be careful before extraction. There might be campers as this map contains many bushes to hide.
  5. If you are new to this game, better not play on Valley; practice more in the farmland instead.