Zero recoil Sensitivity in Farlight 84 for Headshot Kills

Zero recoil Sensitivity in Farlight 84 for Headshot Kills

Shooting the head of the enemy is the only way to kick out of the battlefield without any other efforts. Therefore, players want to find the headshot hack. This article will guide you with the best sensitivity setting with zero recoil in Farlight 84, which will improve your aim to get more headshot kills.

Recoil is a mechanic in many first-person shooter (FPS) games. Like in any other shooting game, recoil in Farlight 84 Mobile is the upward and/or sideways movement of your gun’s crosshairs when you shoot. The recoil o the gun cause this force, which pushes the gun upwards/sideways. Recoil can make it hard to hit your target, especially if you are firing quickly. You may have experienced it if you have played the game. 

When you try to spray at the enemy with an assault rifle or high spray rate gun, the gun will quickly move upward, and you can not aim well. It is an annoying situation if you can not handle it. 

How to Reduce Recoil in Farlight 84?

  1. Use a gun with low recoil.
  2. Use gyroscope
  3. Use proper attachments.
  4.  Fire in short bursts while spraying. Take about a 0.5-second pause after every 2-3 sprays.
  5. Get used to your control layout.
  6. Use custom sensitivity settings.
  7. Lastly, practice more.

Farlight 84 Zero Recoil Sensitivity Setting

As we all know, sensitivity is a significant factor in winning in shooter games. It is more important in mobile games because you directly control the character with your fingers on the screen. There are two different methods to control the recoil in the game with no gyroscope. One is to move the fire button down while spraying, and the next is to move the screen down by sliding the screen downwards. These two are the most effective ways to get no recoil. Now by increasing the sensitivity of the scope and other sensitivity, you can move the screen down easily. To know your optimal settings:

  1. First, go to custom mode.
  2. Pick a gun that has moderate recoil.
  3. Spray at the target from different distances while sliding the fire button or the screen downwards. Make sure you have a red dot or other scope.
  4. Now go to firing settings, increase the sensitivity for the red dot scope or another scope you were using, and increase it for the standard view.
  5. Repeat the firing step and change the settings if you still can not control the recoil. 
  6. In this way, you can get nearly zero recoil.

But if you are a gyroscope player, then it is easier because you do not have to slide on the screen. You just have to tilt the screen downward while firing; this makes it easier to control the recoil. So, here are the best Settings:

Firing SectionLevel
Standard View120%
Shoulder-Aim View70%
Red Dot Scope90%
2x Scope60%
4x Scope40%
8x Scope20%
Gyroscope SectionLevel
Standard View120%
Shoulder-Aim View90%
Red Dot Scope90%
2x Scope75%
4x Scope50%
8x Scope35%