Dawnlands Review | Is It Worth Playing?

Dawnlands Review | Is It Worth Playing?

Dawnlands is an Open-World Survival online game released on 2023 August 9th. You can do many things, such as explore new areas, Enemies, Weapons, craftable items and many more. This article will review the Dawnlands based on the experience to conclude whether it is worth playing:

Platforms Available

Dawnlands is currently available on PC, Android and IOS platforms. This game is available on Steam for PC. For Android, it is available in Playstore, and you can download it from Apple Store on your IOS.

Game modes

Dawnlands has Single-player, Multiplayer modes; you can also play it in Sandbox mode. So due to the different types of modes, you can enjoy this game how you want. You can play with your friends(4 people) in Multiplayer mode.


This game provides various mechanics, great concepts and an environment to explore. You can do a lot of things in the open world. Dawnlands has a massive map which you can play and spend time exploring. You can craft different structures, Food, Weapon and many more. In single-player mode, you can do the Main quest, Daily quest, side quest, exploration and many more. If you are a creative player, you can build your Buildings with your imagination.

Mobs and Bosses

There are a lot of different mobs and bosses in the world, each with unique features and appearance. The more you progress, the more new enemies you face and each of them gets strong progressively.

World Building

The world-building in Dawnlands is exciting; at the beginning of the game, you are in a grassland, which is bright and colourful, which gives a pleasant experience. As you keep on progressing, you will be introduced to new places with new experiences, each with its own identity.


This game provides a lot of resources. The availability of these resources is fairly easy to access as you will get them in abundance in the world. You can use these resources/items to cook food, craft materials and other survival activities.


Dawnlands Travelling review

You can enjoy travelling in this game on foot or with the help of a horse. You can teleport to a lot of places with the teleporter in different places, can swim in the water as well as build rafts and other things for your convenience.

Weapons & Tools

There are various types of weapons, and you can use them to defeat enemies and bosses. You can use tools for farming resources such as wood, ores etc.


There are a lot of different structures you can use for building houses, shelters, which makes the game more fun. Overall, this review of Dawnlands is based on my first experience(after playing for 1-1.5 hours), and I found this game is good and fun to play as it is packed with many things to do and explore. Try it on your Device.