Pandemic: Don’t worry! all are depressed

Depressing pandemic

Pandemic: Since the stone age, the human being has done lots of struggle. As a result, we got a chance to see the new world. Human civilization has passed through many wars, starvation, natural calamities, and unavoidable pandemics. But still, brave and heedful humans never gave up. Finally, they built up new land. We are living in the era for which, our ancestors struggled and succeed.

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Life is full of shadow and light. Sometimes, we have to go through a dark path in the search of light. And sometimes, light itself comes to us. We must have to show courage in a difficult situation to get happiness. One thing is clear, struggle is exam and happiness is the result. If we are a student then, we must have to give an exam to go to another class or semester.

If we are workers, the command of our boss is exam and salary is the result. Likewise, all humanity lives on the earth, which is a single school.

We are students of the earth and the time is our teacher. Therefore, it is not a matter of surprise that, we have to face exams.

The current pandemic COVID19 is also natural exam. And, to analyze and compare our strength with our hard-working ancestors.

After the arrival of COVID19, we are unable to do whatever we want. Also, we are not able to go anywhere according to our wish and will. Undergraduates are staying at home like a cow in the shed instead, joining universities.

Likewise, graduates are now jobless who invested a huge amount of their wealth in education . Laborers are on the mouth of starvation.

Leave the rest, children are also captured inside the home whose age is for play and fun.
We are worried about our present condition. And, we are afraid of upcoming difficulties.

As a result, the whole of humankind is depressed. It’s been months all are locked inside their shelter. They have nothing to do.

So, the mind of people is freezing day by day. Unfortunately, daily we are hearing suicide news on Television because of depression.

Being human beings, we cannot stop our minds worried about the future. Overthinking and worry never gives us a solution to our problem.

Therefore, we must understand, it is not a time to be depressed. This is exam time so, nature is challenging us. Therefore, we must be ready for it.
Difficult time does not remain for a long period; like the exam remains for some days.

Some of us are depressed because we are locked inside four walls. Just convince your mind by looking at the parrot inside the cage, who is living there for years.

Similarly, some of us are depressed because our income level has been decreased. For that, just convince yourself by seeing yourself at home with your loved one.

Furthermore, some are depressed because they compare themselves with others in this difficult time. Just look at all, no one is free and everyone is struggling. Don’t worry all are depressed.

Don’t let your mind sleep during lock down by overthinking. Do some activity and, refresh your mind instead of being negative.
Soon the exam will end.

Covid-19 Pandemic

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