Beautiful than heaven: Sweet Home Sweet

Beautiful than Heaven
Birthplace is beautiful than Heaven

Amusing, the people, who never died says that heaven is beautiful. But, to see heaven, it is not compulsory to die. We can get a sense of heaven when we are alive. Yes, home is the only place on earth, which is beautiful than heaven.

Human life is full of duties and responsibilities. Therefore, to complete that task we had no time for other things; not even we had time to stay at home with our loved one.

We had to go far from our birthplace, away from our parents, and faraway from those friends who used to be a piece of our heart. We human beings are never satisfying creature.

If we achieve the first level of success, then we run for another one. During this race, we forget about the place and people from where we are born.
Home is considered a comfortable place, from where we get strength. It is the only place where our parents live, who always pray for our success. And it is a place where we get hope.
Before the pandemic, we all were busy with our duty. We had no such care about our home. We were living far from home physically and mentally to achieve our dream.

Therefore, we had almost forgotten our home. Chatting and video call was the only option to contact with our parents.
After the arrival of the pandemic, all the people are returning to their sweet homes. People who were away for a job are coming back and most have arrived.

During this big crisis; on the one hand, they are happy because they arrived in a comfortable place. We all have has got a precious opportunity to spend time with our loved one.
Human beings can’t go back from their responsibility. It is compulsory to do all his responsibility while he is alive.

But, life is not only full of work and duty. There also remains joy and enjoyment. But, we only concentrate on our goal and work.

People used to work day and night without taking any rest. Most had to forget the meaning of rest.
Bad days come for good reason. This pandemic may be a disturbing situation. But, let’s be positive.

First of all, it has given us a golden chance to stay at home with our parents. Secondly, this pandemic has given chance to all people to take rest to regenerate energy. Moreover, it has given us a precious chance to make some memorial movement with them.

The pandemic may be the curse for this generation but, we got a chance to stay in real heaven for some time of our life, forgetting all the burden and trouble.

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