How to get the middle man title in Pubg mobile? Some tips

How to get the middle man title in Pubg mobile? Some tips

The middle man title is the most attractive and reputed achievement in the Pubg mobile.

And to get the middle man title, you have to kill your enemy from the mid-range in the battleground.

That is why it is also a challenging achievement in the region title category.

But this article has some tips that will make your task easier.

Requirements to get middleman title

(I) Your tier should be on platinum or above it.
(II) Your game level should be at least 30.
(III) You have to finish your enemy in mid-range battle.

Mid-range means the distance between 10m to 15m in the Pubg mobile.

And if you fail to get the kills from the required range, your success is not counted.

Steps to check the rank for middle man title
  • Go to season rank
  • Go to your region.
  • Tap on the middle man to check your progress.

These are some tips to unlock Pubg mobile middle man title.

 Pubg mobile middle man title

Use the best gun and improve your aim.

You know, to achieve the middle man title, you have to kill the enemy from a mid-range distance(10-150m).

So, firstly, try to win every mid-range battle. There are many hot drop areas on each map of the game- you can play there.

For that, improve your aim by practicing on the cheer park, the training ground.

And use the best guns like M416, AKM, M762, and other AR for the min-range fight.

Play on hot drops

The title is all about getting more kills, so you need more enemies. Therefore, hot drops are the best place to achieve middle man title in Pubg mobile.

Kill perfectly

For example, you knock enemy or bot under 10m or above 150m distance, then finish him from the mid-range.

No matter from what distance you knocked the opponent, but think while you give a finishing shot.

In the game, you can get 1-2 bots in every match. So, avoid wasting your bullet by killing them from an inappropriate gap.

Low tier helps you

If you are in Ace, conqueror tier, you will get pro players in the battleground. As a result, it will be difficult to kill the enemies.

So, it’s better to try for the title while you are in the platinum V-Diamon I rank.

And maintain your tier at the same level until you don’t get the middle man title.

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