How to get scavenger title in Pubg mobile? Tips to unlock quickly

How to get scavenger title in Pubg mobile? Tips to unlock quickly

There are different titles and achievements in the game. But among them, here we will know how you can unlock the scavenger title quickly in Pubg mobile.

Like other titles, you have to complete the objective with some rules and requirements to achieve scavenger.

The requirements to get a scavenger title are:

(I). You should be at least on the platinum tier.
(II). Your game level should be a minimum of 30.

And if you are not eligible, your all trial for getting a title is not counted.

How to check the rank of the Scavenger title?
  • Go to season rank.
  • Go to your region.
  • Tap on the title to see your regional position.

Here are the tips to get Pubg mobile scavenger title quickly

To achieve the scavenger title in Pubg mobile, you have to loot airdrops in the battleground.

And your rank grows up depending upon the number of drops you get.

And you should reach the top 100 ranks in your region for this title. Therefore, it is both easy and hard to get a scavenger.

You know, on the battleground, every player wants airdrop to get strong weapons and suppliers.

So, you have to face many enemies while completing your title objective. That’s why it is difficult.

And it’s easy because you only have to loot the airdrops without any other obligations- No confusion.

Furthermore, to complete your goal, you can play any mode like squad, duo, and solo. Also, you can play FPP.

So, here are the tips:

Play with a trustable friend

Most of the time, the teammate disturbs the gameplay and steals everything for personal benefit.

So, If your partner is not helpful and doesn’t let you open airdrops, select another one- a teammate should be trustable.

Also, He\she should guard you while you go for airdrops in danger zones.

Firstly, choose the right person for the match. Make a deal- request him for help to unlock the scavenger title, and you will help him next time in exchange.

Livik is best

If you play on Livik, then you can unlock your favorite PUBGM title fast. Because the Livik match long lasts for 15 minutes and its size is small.

Therefore, you will get airdrops quickly on the Livik map in comparison to others.

Use vehicle

Most of the time, you will find the airdrop in the open area that is full of danger- every player keeps their eye on those places for kills and drops.

Therefore, if you use the vehicle, you can loot drop and escape the area quickly without risk.

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