How to get a headshot kills title in Pubg mobile easily?

a headshot kills title in Pubg mobile

They are pro players who have achieved the headshot kills title in Pubg mobile.

Because the title is all about finishing the enemy with a perfect headshot- And, the only pro, skilled and experienced players can fire the bullet on the opponent’s head perfectly.

In the Pubg mobile, the damage of the headshot is more than the body shot.

But to aim at the enemy head from long and short-range requires perfect aiming skill. That’s why this title is a bit harder to unlock.

So, only the aiming master can achieve the headshot kills achievement quickly in Pubg mobile.

How to get a headshot kills title in Pubg mobile?
The requirement to achive a headshot kills the title:

(I) At least a platinum tire is needed 

(II) Your game level should be at least 30.

(III) Only headshot kills are counted for the rank.

Your objective is to get more headshot kills to reach the top 100 ranks for the achievement.

And to check your rank;

  • Go to season rank 
  • Go to your region.
  • Select headshot kills to check your position.

Best tips to unlock Pubg mobile headshot kills title easily

Land on hot drops

To give more headshots, you have to find more enemies on the battleground. And you know, hot-drop is the location where most players land.

So, it would be better for you to play on hot drops to unlock the headshot title fast. But, be aware- hot drops are a competitive zone, so make a plan before you go there and play carefully.

Improve aim

The headshot kills depend upon your aiming accuracy. If you can use all the guns with the perfect aim, you can easily get your title quickly.

So, firstly try to improve your aiming skills by playing more on the training ground, TDM, and Cheerpark.

Play 1 VS 4

The solo VS squad means you will play alone against the many enemies in the battleground. And the benefit is, no one can steal your kills, and you will find more enemies.

But, if you play with your squad, they will try to steal your kill for their benefit.

So, it’s better to play 1 VS 4 match to get the headshot kills title fast in Pubg mobile.

However, solo VS squad is harder to play- no teammate, no communication, many enemies. So, play carefully.

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