How to get the Long Shot title in Pubg mobile? Best tips.

the Long Shot title in Pubg mobile.

On Pubg mobile game, there are many title achievements, and the Long Shot title is among them. This title is the most precious that you can unlock by killing enemies from long range.

To unlock the Long Shot achievement, you should be on the top 100 ranks from your region. And if you always maintain your position on the top 100, you can hold the title permanently for a season.

However, if your rank declines, you will lose your title, and again you have to struggle.

Requirement and rules to get the long-shot title

(I) Your tire rank should be on at least platinum.

(II) The game level should be at least 30.

(III) You have to kill your enemy from long range only.

Yes, to achieve long shot achievement, your objective is to kill your opponents from a distance of more than 300 meters.

How to get the Long Shot title in Pubg mobile?

And if you don’t have these basic things, it will be hard for you to get the title-

  • Perfect aim for a long shot.
  • Learn recoil control of each gun.
  • Confidence and dedication.

Best tips to unlock Pubg mobile Long Shot title easily

Use proper weapons in the match.

You know, the long-shot title is all about finishing your enemy from the far distance. Therefore, you should use a weapon best for long-range battles and has less recoil with scope.

You can use M416 with 6X scope, Mini 14 with 4X to 6X, and Bolt action sniper with high scope.

But, if you are a master of other long-range guns, you know what to do.

Maintain low tier

If your tier is high, you will get a lobby of pro players, and you will struggle to get even a body shot kill.

So, maintain your rank at platinum-Diamond until you don’t achieve your favorite title.

Get a vehicle and use the trick. 

No matter from what distance you knock your enemy, but your finish shot decides your rank.

So, if you knock your opponent from the short-range or mid-range, you should finish it from the long-range.

But, traveling far for giving a final shot to the knocked enemy can be time-consuming- so you can use the vehicle. 

Play duo

Playing duo mode matches can help you to achieve the Long Shot title fast in Pubg mobile.

It’s difficult to spot enemies from a long distance. So, if you have the best partner, he\she will help you to spot the enemy for you. 

So, play with the helpful partner, and don’t forget to communicate with your teammate in the match.

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