Terminator title in Pubg mobile: How to unlock it easily?

Terminator title in Pubg mobile

The terminator title is a regional-based achievement in the Pubg mobile. It is a temporary title, and due to the high competition, it requires some effort to unlock.

To achieve the terminator title, you should reach the top 100 ranks from your region. Furthermore, the title requires the tier rank of at least platinum V and game level at least 30.

And the rule of holding title is, you will be rewarded with the terminator in PUBGM if you reach the required rank(Top 100). And if you lose your position from the top 100, still, you can hold the title for 1 week. But if you fail to increase your rank until 7 days, you will lose your title.

Here is how you can check the rank for your title:

  • Go to season.
  • Go to region.
  • Select the terminator option to check your regional position.

These are the best ways to unlock terminator title in Pubg mobile

The terminator title is all about getting the chicken dinner with the last kill in the battleground.

For example, you kill 10 enemies, but you fail to kill the final one. OR, if your teammate steals your last kill. In these cases, your rank for the terminator title will not increase even though you get chicken dinner. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many kills you get in the match, but only your last kill is counted for the ranking.

So, here are the tips on how you can get the Pubg mobile terminator title quickly in Pubg mobile:

Play squad match, but

There is a high chance of getting chicken dinner in a squad match comparison to duo and solo because of teamwork. But the problem with the terminator title is you have to get the last kill.

But in the Pubg mobile, every player thinks about their rank, level, and KD ratio. Therefore, they don’t want to share the kill with anyone. As a result, the squad match is not best to get the terminator in Pubg mobile.

However, if you have a squad with best friends, you can convenience them to share the last kill. If you have trustable and understanding teammates, play with them to achieve your title quicker- they will give you chicken dinner and last kill.

Play on Karakin and Livik map

The Karakin and Livik are the small maps in Pubg mobile. And on these maps, the match long lasts for only 15 minutes. So, if you play on Karakin and Livik with your squad, you will get continuous chicken dinner and kills in every match effortlessly.

Change you region

You can change your region by changing the flag. If you choose the flag of another country, then your ranking and effort depend upon the selected region.

So, choose the region that has less competition to get the terminator title in less time.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on edit.
  • Tap on the flag
  • Choose the flag. (You can change the flag every 60 days)

So, this tip is best to achieve the terminator title easily if you don’t have much time to come online.

Matches and chicken dinners required for the terminator title

The title needs top 100 positions, so it all depends upon your region, competition, and last kill strategy.

For example, if your region is the USA, Canada, India, Indonesia, it will be difficult to get the top position because of the large size and high completion.

But, if your region is small and has less competition, then the less match can also give you top 100 ranks quicker.

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