M416 glacier skin in BGMI: How to unlock in battleground mobile India?

M416 glacier skin in BGMI

Do you know the rarest item in the battleground mobile India? It’s M416 glacier skin that you can get from the classic crate in BGMI for free.

The M416 glacier is the best weapon with many unique features like kill effect, elimination broadcast, on-hit effect, final form, advanced form, loot crate.

And you can unlock all the features of the glacier skin after level 1. But to upgrade the M416 glacier skin in BGMI, you need some paint and materials that you can get from other sources.

to upgrade the M416 glacier skin in BGMI, you need some paint and materials that you can get from other sources.

However, the problem is, before you think about upgrading the glacier, firstly you have to get it.

So, In this article, we will discuss the tips to get M416 glacier skin in battleground mobile India with a maximum chance.

Here’s how to unlock M416 glacier skin in BGMI

There are different types of luck draw in battleground mobile India like the classic crate, premium crate, supplier crate, luck crate, and spin.

But, the M416 glacier is found only inside the ‘classic crate’. Each crate gives a special but random reward to the player.

However, to get the mythic and legendary item requires good luck.

Sometimes, if your luck is good, you will get the mythic and legendary items on the 1st chance.

But if you have bad luck, you may not get the required item even though you spend UC.

Here’s the chance of getting the reward from each crate:

Rare 75%
Rare Silvers and Graffiti
Epic Shoes, Pants, T-shirt, Cap, Mast, and parachute skin
Legendary Normal outfits, backpack skins, pan skins, helmet skin, M416 glacier skin
Mythic Mythic Outfits and skins

So, you know the BGMI M416 glacier skin is a legendary item, and the chance of getting it from the premium crate is 2.33%.

Also, you can see the probability of getting the legendary item is more than mythic but also M416 glacier is by chance item.

There is no such trick and hack to get the M415 glacier skin in 1st or 2nd chance- It all depends upon your luck.

But also, these tips can increase your good luck for your favorite skin in BGMI;

Tap more than one time

While opening the crate, tap on the glacier skin 3-5 times continuously to get it with a high chance in BGMI.

Open at a suitable time.

According to the experienced player, the best time to unlock glacier skin in BGMI is 12 AM to 7 AM. In that time, few players come online, and the chance increase.

Don’t skip

You can increase your chance by not skipping. If you skip, your luck may not support you.

Open one by one

Suppose, if you have 10 crates, you shouldn’t open them all at once. But open them one by one.


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