How to make a book in a Minecraft game? Steps with pictures

Are you searching for the idea to craft books in Minecraft survival mode? It means you are in the middle of the mission. The book has many uses and benefits because it is the raw material for making many high-level items and weapons. The Book is used for various purposes in Minecraft to complete the game.

With the help of the book, you can craft an enchantment table by which you can give more power to your weapons and equipment. And you can make an enchanted book. Also, you can use a book for trading with the villager for mutual benefit and for making good relations with them.

Furthermore, you can craft bookshelves for making rooms for an eye-catching library. Moreover, you can make a map by using a book for making your journey more effortless.

Therefore, you will know how to craft a book in the game.

What needs to craft a book?

You will get all the recipes for making a book without much effort in Minecraft.

  • Leather
  • Sugarcane
  • Paper
  • Crafting table

Steps for crafting a book in the Minecraft survival

(Step 1:) Collect 3 pieces of sugarcane from your surrounding. You will get sugarcane near to the lakes- they naturally grow there.

Sugarcane photo in Minecraft
Collect sugar cane

(Step 2:) Now, you require 3 pieces of paper for the book. So, open your crafting table and place three sugarcane in a row to craft paper in Minecraft. (Shown in the picture)

How to make a paper in Minecraft?
Make paper

(Step 3:) Do you have leather in your chest? If you don’t have any, kill some animals to collect leather from the book.

(Step 4:) Finally, you have all the raw materials for making a book in Minecraft. So, open your crafting table and place leather in the centre and three pieces of paper in a row just above it. (Shown in picture)

How to make a book in a Minecraft?
Make book

The book is ready for use!

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