Best Weapons in Battle Prime and thier Stats

Best Weapons in Battle Prime and thier Stats

Battle Prime is a fast-paced third-person multiplayer shooter with good graphics. Players choose one of several Prime Agents, each with unique abilities and fight on different maps. The game is all about choosing the right gun for the job. If you want to fight at close range, you will need a submachine/shotgun. If you’re fighting at long range, you’ll want an assault rifle or sniper. And if you need to take out multiple enemies quickly, you’ll want a light machine gun. So, here are the Battle Prime best Weapons/Guns and their stats:


The SMG-10 is a fully automatic submachine gun in Battle Prime mobile, which is the best weapon for both close-quarters and medium-range combat. The SMG-10 has a high rate of fire and low recoil, making it easy to control. It also has a relatively large magazine capacity, making it a good choice for sustained fire.

SMG-10 Stats:
Damage: 54
Distance: 34
Rate of fire: 76
Accuracy: 81
Control: 76


The ARM is the best bolt-action sniper rifle. It has the highest damage of all the sniper rifles, making it a good choice for long-range sniping. Among all the snipers in Battle Prime Mobile, ARM also has good accuracy. As it is a sniper, it has a slow rate of fire and a long reload speed, so it is not the best choice for close fights.

ARM Stats:
Damage: 67
Distance: 78
Rate of fire: 21
Accuracy: 19
Control: 29
Mobility: 14


It is another powerful SMG gun available in the game. This gun is not much different from SMG-10. This gun is also suitable for close to mid-range and has a satisfactory firing rate. The one key difference between these two guns is their accuracy. Vector is more accurate than SMG-10, making it popular among many players.

Vector Stats:
Damage: 52
Distance: 33
Rate of fire: 79
Accuracy: 78
Control: 73
Mobility: 72


Apex is a heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire and a large magazine capacity, making it effective at suppressing enemies and mowing them down at close range. However, it has poor accuracy and a slow reload speed, making it difficult to use at long range. The Apex is one of the perfect weapons for players who want to spam and control an area in Battle Prime Battleground. However, it is not the best choice for players who want a weapon with high accuracy or a fast reload speed.

Apex Stats:
Damage: 43
Distance: 67
Rate of fire: 79
Accuracy: 79
Control: 79
Mobility: 66


The MR5A is a submachine gun that dominates extremely at close range. It has a high fire rate and a low damage drop-off, making it effective at close to medium range. However, it has a low magazine capacity and can be difficult to control at long range.

MR4A Stats:
Damage: 47
Distance: 33
Rate of fire: 81
Accuracy: 80
Control: 73
Mobility: 70


AK-47 is the best assault rifle in battle prime. It is a very versatile gun suitable for any situation as you can use it from close range, mid-range to long range. The recoil control might be a little difficult at the beginning, but after you get used to it, this gun is a beast.

AK47 Stats:
Damage: 51
Distance: 78
Rate of fire: 75
Accuracy: 79
Control: 68
Mobility: 66