How to get dice Rolls for Free in Monopoly GO? Best Ways

How to get dice Rolls for Free in Monopoly GO? Best Ways

There are some ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go, which we will discuss in this article. Many are within the game, but you can also get free rolls by using other third-party applications. However, we do not recommend using other applications as there are chances of being scammed. So, here are the best ways:

Wait around for the hourly bonus.

One of the easiest ways to receive free rolls is to wait for hourly bonus, as the game automatically sends you five rolls every hour without any cost. However, keep in mind that- after you get the rolls 30 times, you have to play more and more to increase the limit from 30. So, play more and progress game to earn more free rolls.

Accept those Daily Login treats.

Another equally important thing to do is to play every day. If you play every day with consistency, you will get many rewards. You will receive daily treats for logging in consecutively. These daily treats contain various items, which also includes free dices. So, log in every day, even for those free treats.

Get more friends to join in via Invites.

The game also allows you to connect with friends and embark on the Monopoly mission together. You can either invite your friends via Facebook, mobile contacts or referral URL. All of these inviting methods will get you rolls.

You will receive 25-30 free rolls for every person you add to Monopoly via Facebook. So, if you invite a friend of yours to play with you, you will get not only more fun but also some free gifts. That sounds like a good deal to me. Similarly, invite someone via your contacts or the referral URL to get same benifits.

Level Up and Earn

While it may not sound like much, the more you play and build up your game, you will get the dice rolls; therefore, make sure you are upgrading your landmarks, acquiring assets and building a defense in Monopoly Go to get them for free.

Every time you level up and upgrade your assets in the game, your net worth will increase, and with every increasing level, you are setting yourself up for some effortless rolls.

More Shields equals more free rolls.

Shields are great in Monopoly as they defend your landmarks and protect them from invaders. But is that the only thing that Shields are worth? No. After maxing out on three Shields, you will receive a free dice roll for every additional Shield. While one roll may not sound like much, it is still free, and depending on your roll multiplier, it might even be more than just a few.

Get the Sticker Albums

There are many ways to collect stickers in Monopoly Go. You can either complete the tasks and receive them as awards. You can also participate and finish in the first three positions in the tournaments. Sometimes, you can also get some stickers for free in the Gift Shop, so make sure you check out the Gift Shop regularly for gifts. Once you collect all the stickers for an album, you will receive big rewards, including free dice rolls.