Whiteout Survival Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Whiteout Survival Tips and Tricks You Must Know

This article will discuss the Useful tips, tricks and strategies players must remember while playing Whiteout Survival.

Whiteout Survival is undoubtedly one of the best survival games out there. You will play this game in the Icy wilderness of a city that has long been destroyed and cursed with Icy cold weather, completing tasks. The task is to look after your people and save and thrive in this hazardous world.

As the people around you depend on your leadership capabilities for their growth, it is up to your instincts to lead them to a better tomorrow. The game starts with its emphasis on the survival part but later turns into an experience that is much more crucial than just survival. It becomes a game of life and death, you might say.

Tips and Tricks to Amplify Whiteout Survival Gameplay

1. Maintain and Upgrade your Furnace to keep the resources busy.

Your furnace is the core of your city. It is in charge of keeping everyone warm, particularly during those chilly winter evenings. You’ll need a large amount of coal to keep the furnace running. The best way to save resources is to turn the furnace off during the day when the sun is out. You don’t need the furnace when the sun is heating the city. So, be smart and turn it off during the day to save a huge amount of coal in Whiteout Survival.

2. Acquire and Manage more troops to win combat.

While building defensive structures in your city is important, it is equally important to buy heroes and upgrade them. Make sure you unlock as many free heroes as possible. You can unlock some through spins and expeditions. You should also be able to manage these heroes. Make sure you know the characteristics of all your heroes so you can use them wisely in combat.

3. Create a perfect combat team and become unstoppable.

While heading into battles, you want a good team that will get the job done; therefore, create a perfect team comp with different sets of skills. The more skillsets you can fit into your team, the more damage they will do to enemy forces. You can train and upgrade your troops to increase your power in whiteout survival; also, you can save your Hero XP items for more powerful heroes so they can utilize their fullest potential.

4. Don’t Skip the Tutorials to learn new tips and tricks.

At first, it can be a little daunting to navigate a game that has so many elements to it, and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t be skipping any tutorials that come ahead. It helps you learn more about the mission you are about to embark on and gives you an idea of what to expect.

5. Gather the Diamonds and become wealthy in the game.

Diamonds are a precious resource in the game and have many advantages. So, why not use these to your benefit? You can use Whiteout Survival diamonds to speed up the construction process or finish early; therefore, keep upgrading your furnace to gather them.

6. Utilize the VIP Levels and Consecutive Logins for rewards.

The VIP level is a significant feature, as you get many additional benefits that help you progress swiftly. There are a maximum of 12 VIP levels in Whiteout Survival, each being better than the last in terms of productivity and progress.

You cannot deny the benefits of signing in consecutively. The first few days might not have anything best to offer, but signing in consecutively for a week or more will get you a big pack of resources. There are chances of winning legendary heroes like Molly, among others.