Whiteout Survival Useful Items List

Whiteout Survival Useful Items List

Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play mobile game where you build a base, train troops, and battle other players. Your goal in this game is to become the strongest player in the world, which requires collecting resources, upgrading your buildings, and training your troops. In this article, we will guide you with a list of some useful items in Whiteout Survival, which are as follow:

1. Food

Food is an essential resource for keeping your survivors alive and active. If your survivors do not have enough food, they will lose performance, eventually leading to the worst gameplay. There are a few ways to get food in Whiteout Survival:- You can hunt animals, gather berries, or grow crops, and you can also trade with other settlements for food.

2. Hero Gears

Once you upgrade your Furnace to level 15 in Whiteout Survival, you can equip Hero Gear on your Heroes. This gear provides buffs for Attack, Defense, Health, and Troop Health. Remember that Hero Gear is specific to the Troop Type of your Heroes. For example, Infantry Heroes can only use Hero Gear designated for Infantry. The game will handle this automatically, so you do not need to worry about it. There are four different slots Hero Gear can be equipped into Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots.

3. Fire crystals

Fire crystal is one of the rare and powerful resources/items that you can use to upgrade your troops in Whiteout Survival. You can get fire crystals from weekly cards, completing daily missions, intel missions etc. You can use it to upgrade buildings and troops. Also, you can use it to trade.

Some Useful Buildings in Whiteout Survival

1. Cookhouse

The Cookhouse turns Meat into food for your city. If people are hungry, they get weak while their productivity drops by 30%, or they get sick and can not work. Cookhouse has 3 settings: Healthy Gruel, Nutritious Meals and Fancy Meals. Keeping citizens happy and healthy boosts productivity, so go for Fancy Meals if your Hunter’s House is upgraded well. The slight inefficiency does not matter if you have surplus Meat, and it prevents weakness and sickness.

2. Shelters

Shelters are where your citizens live, each with multiple beds and facilities to make the citizens comfy. There are two ways to get more citizens. Either make more Shelters or upgrade existing ones so they have space for more Beds. One can also upgrade them with various things such as bookcases, indoor heating, decorations, and others to make them more comfortable for the citizens, which makes them more productive.

3. Hunter’s House

The Hunter’s House is an Important Building in the game as it generates Meat, a resource for Cookhouse to make food and keep everyone full. It needs a person assigned to each workbench for upgrades to increase productivity. Upgrading it is essential for your town’s Health, as hungry workers get sick more often.

4. Clinic

The Clinic is where sick citizens get better faster than at home. A big Clinic prevents long periods of inactivity. Upgrading it with more beds and facilities makes healing faster and reduces the chance of repeated sickness. You might not use it much later on, but it is helpful during extreme weather conditions.

5. Furnace

The Furnace is essential for your city in Whiteout Survival as it helps by protecting your citizens from the cold. As you upgrade it, it generates more heat and allows you to build new structures. There are two settings: economy mode and maximum power. Keeping your citizens warm boosts their Comfort and Happiness, making them healthier and happier, which leads to better productivity.