How to Make Character Strong in Dawnlands?

How to Make Character Strong in Dawnlands?

In the Dawnlands, as you progress in the game and with each region, enemies become Powerful; therefore, you must make your character/hero strong to kill them quickly and smoothly. So, here are the best ways to enhance your character:

Use Better Weapon.

The weapons at first are weak in the dawnlands. You want to use new weapons as you progress the game. At first, you will get the chance to use Stone weapons. However, as you go on, you must craft copper or bronze or higher-level weapons. It will help you to kill mobs fast. You can upgrade your weapon at an anvil with Phantom stones to enhance them so they can deal more DMG to enemies. 

Upgrade Character Proficiency

Upgrade character proficiency dawnlands

You can upgrade the Proficiency of your characters and weapons, which will make the damage dealt by the weapons much more powerful. So, gaining exp for that weapon increases your Proficiency level. You can get the exp after using that Certain weapon for a long time. The more you use, the more exp it provides. After each 10 level, you need to use boss items to level up the Proficiency in Dawnlands.

Use Trinket

You can equip different types of Trinkets, which can help your character deal more DMG and boost different types of stats, which can help defeat enemies and strong bosses in Dawnlands. Each trinket has various stats. You can get many kinds of Trinkets from the domains like Nightfall Treasure.

Using Equipment’s

There are 6 pieces of equipment you can use at once. It can help the characters increase their durability, which they can use to deal more DMG to enemies. The equipment consists of:

  1. Cloak
  2. Vest
  3. Pants
  4. Helmet 
  5. Bracers 
  6. Belt 

You can craft each of these materials, and with each new region, you can make further new equipment. It is better to use equipment in a set to gain different types of set bonuses, which can help make high-damage dealing and powerful characters. 

Using Potions

The potions increase characters stat, which can be the best option for the character to increase their DMG. Potion also increases the HP, DEF etc. Overall, using potions can be a great way to make your hero strong.