Best Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 1 | Top 10 List

Best Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 1 | Top 10 List

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most popular games in mobile gaming because of its simplicity. It is a fun-to-play game with lots of stuff to do in the game while being simple. The format of the game is straightforward- Just drive from start to end point uphill in a certain time. You can then collect coins and power-ups while going on with different obstacles. So, having a Good vehicle(Which requires enough gold to unlock) is significant in Hill Climb Racing as it helps you get through any level. Here are the Top 10 Best Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 1:

1. Moon Lander:

Moon Lander Hill Climb Racing

Moon Lander is the best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 1 because it is equipped with thrusters and can fly, making it suitable to cross any obstacles and get gold. However, control it properly when it’s in the air. Cost: 1500000 Golds

2. Big Finger:

Big Finger has a giant tire, which makes it stable. It can get over obstacles thanks to its big tire. While being the best vehicle in the game, Big Finger is fun to play. Cost: 1200000 Golds

3. Rally Car:

Rally Car has a powerful engine and downforce upgraded, which provides the ultimate combination for hill climbing. Its fast and powerful engine helps it to be more stable while driving. Cost: 750000 Golds

4. Super Offroad:

Super Offroad is an offroad vehicle in the Hill Climbing game. So, you can already imagine what you can do with this vehicle. You can climb with this smoothly, and you will enjoy playing. Cost: 100000 Golds

5. Dune Buggy:

Dune Buggy is one of the popular vehicles in the game, thanks to its speed and good traction, which makes it easy to climb if you control it properly. It is many players’ favourite vehicle and for a reason. Cost: 800000 Golds

6. Garage Car:

Garage Car Hill climb racing

Garage Car means you can customize it with any engine, tire and all the car parts available in the game. It depends on how efficiently you can customize it, and you can make it one of the best cars in the game. Cost: 300 Diamonds

7. Fast Car:

The powerful engine and sporty features make Fast Car one of the fastest vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 1. So, if you are a smooth controller, you can purchase it to complete objectives quickly. Cost: 1500000 Golds

8. Dragster:

Dragster is another fastest vehicle in the game; however, you need to be kind of skilled to ride this vehicle carefully because it’s not easy to control. You’ll realize how hard it is to balance compared to other cars once you play it. Cost: 800000 Golds

9. Fire Truck:

Fire Truck is another fun-to-ride four-wheeler. It has a good engine and a big tire, which makes it easier for this vehicle to get through obstacles easily. Cost: 800000 Golds

10. Kiddie Express:

Kiddie Express Hill Climb Racing

Kiddie Express is the rollercoaster for kids in Hill Climb Racing 1, and the flexibility of this vehicle is a plus point. It is easy to control compared to other four-wheelers as well. Cost: 150000 Golds