Most Useful Materials in Dawnlands You Must Collect

Most Useful Materials in Dawnlands You Must Collect

In Dawnlands world, you will find different materials/resources you can use for many purpose, among which some are most useful. So, here their list with brief description and uses:

Copper Ingot 

copper ingot dawnlands: Useful material

Copper Ingot is one of the best material in Dawnlands, which you can unlock after you get to the Forest Region. You can obtain/craft by smelting in a smelting Furnace, which requires 2 Copper ores and 4 charcoal. You will get copper ores from the Forest region with the help of Pickaxe. The Copper Ingot is used to craft weapons/tools/equipments like:

  1. Copper Sword 
  2. Copper Spear 
  3. Copper Bow 
  4. Copper Arrow 
  5. Vengeance Pickaxe 
  6. Copper Axe 
  7. Copper Hoe
  8. Bronze Vest 
  9. Bronze Pant
  10. Bronze Helmet
  11. Bronze Belt
  12. Bronze Bracers.

In addition, the best use of Copper ingot is to craft boss material Crimson Eye and other materials such as Transmutation Cauldron and Stone saw.

Recipe Page

These Recipe pages can be obtained from the chests, completing Quests in Dawnlands. The Main sources of these Recipe pages are from the Statue. The Statue will give these pages each time you level them up. They can be bought from the shop as well. 

The uses of Recipe Page holds a very high value in Dawnland. For instance, you can use it for unlocking almost all the items in the game, such as weapons, tools, structures, equipment and many more.

Phantom Crystal

Phantom Crystal Dawnlands Most Useful Material

The Phantom Crystal is an ore material. It also has different levels. The best use of Phantom Crystal is for the enhancement of the Gears. They are used to increase the level of the weapons and tools to make them more efficient.

You can obtain Phantom Crystal in Dawnlands from the open world while exploring. To farm this crystal, you want to use Pickaxe. They can also be obtained from some of the open world Chest. The Phantom Crystal also has different levels. With each new region, the level that can be obtained is increased.


You will obtain Honey in Dawnlands from a beehive, which takes 20 minutes to prepare. It can also be purchased from the shop with Diamond. The best use of Honey is to make different types of drinks. The drinks help with different attributes, such as increasing damage to the character, Increasing the defense, increasing resistance, increasing HP, Increasing MP DMG. 

So, here are some drinks you can make using Honey as recipe in Dawnlands:

  1. Dandelion Wine 
  2. Pawpaw Wine 
  3. Leaf Dew 
  4. Wheat Beer 
  5. Strong Wheat Beer, etc. 


Woods are obtainable by chopping trees in the world with an Axe. You can also collect from the wild or buy them in the shop with Diamond. The best way to get a lot of wood is by demolishing abandoned structures.

The wood is the useful raw mateials to craft different survival materials in Dawnlands world. Here are some items you can make using woods:

  1. Boat 
  2. Raft
  3. Campfire
  4. Tinkering Bench 
  5. Hitching Post 
  6. Windmill
  7. Barrel
  8. Beehive
  9. Loom 
  10. Wooden Structures
  11. Chest and many more


Rock Dawnlands material

Rock is obtainable by mining the big stones with Pickaxe. You can pick it up from the wild and buy it from the shop with Diamond. To get a lot of stones, you can demolish stone structures in the game.

With the help of stone, you can craft weapons and tools and here are a few items you can make using rock:

  1. Reverie Stone
  2. Stone Sword
  3. Stone Axe
  4. Green shadow Pickaxe 
  5. Hoe 
  6. Stone Pickaxe 
  7. Anvil
  8. Sanctification Platform
  9. Smelting Furnace 
  10. Oven 
  11. Charcoal Kiln 
  12. Stone structures and many more.