Farlight 84 Lampton Map Guide & Best Landing Spots

Farlight 84 Lampton Map Guide & Best Landing Spots

Farlight 84 is a multiplayer battle royale video game set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. In battle royale mode, players have to fight each other to survive. They must explore the game world to find items and resources that will help them stay alive. There are currently two maps in the Farlight 84, and this article will guide you with the Lampton Map.

Lampton Map

Lampton is a fascinating battleground in Farlight, and it’s essential to understand the map’s layout and significant areas to win this competitive game. So, here are all the locations in the Lampton Map:

  1. Sunflower Market
  2. Nova Research Lab
  3. Holiday Resort
  4. Storage Area
  5. Nova Energy Station
  6. Ranger Cabin
  7. The Boredeauxs
  8. City Plaza
  9. Admin Center
  10. Maintenance Center
  11. Remnants Camp
  12. Windmill Village
  13. The Leaons
  14. The Pickers
  15. Golden Tanch
  16. Sentry Post
  17. Romer Fortress
  18. Light House
  19. Deserted Village
  20. Nova Harbor
  21. Charging Station
  22. Logistics Hub
  23. Golden Ranch
  24. Fishing Village
  25. Nova Industrial Zone
  26. Defense H
  27. Old Town
  28. Staff Dorm

Best places to land on Lampton Map in Farlight 84

1. Nova industrial area

The Industrial Zone is one of the best places to get more loot and vehicles that can be useful as the game goes on. Landing here might mean facing one or two enemy squads and could be risky at times. The area is separated by a river that you must cross to reach it, which has both advantages and disadvantages. However, if you manage to secure this location, you’ll have access to strong weapons and can advance slowly through the centre of the map, taking out any enemies you encounter along the way.

Maintenance Center

The maintenance Center is near the Nova industrial zone, located at the top right corner of the Lampton map, and it is the perfect place to drop if you love to bridge camp and play with plans. The goal of dropping here is to camp and kill the players that drop in the Nova Industrial Centre. There is only one bridge that connects the nova with the Main portion of the map.

You can loot in the maintenance center and nearby places like the Admin Center and Defence II. You can either camp on defence II or on the bridge. Be cautious that the player might reach the maintenance centre by swimming, so keep watching the river too.

Nova Energy station

Nova Energy Station is one of the safe loot spots in Farlight 84 Lampton Map. It is located at the top right corner of the map, right above the maintenance centre. If you want to punish the campers, you can drop here and collect the necessary items quickly and move towards the maintenance centre and bridge. But if you like to play safe, explore the upper side of this location like a Nova research lab.

City plaza

City Plaza is a large area located in the middle of the Lampton, and because of its size and high loot availability, most players prefer to land here. You can find many buildings with lots of resources. You will get a Radio tower in the middle of the city plaza where you can find good guns and resources stored in a crate. One advantage of dropping in this location is that the zone will fall in the last circle. But many people may drop here because it is a Hotdrop spot in Farlight 84, so be careful while looting the resources.

Romer fortress

This area is situated at the edge of the map, featuring a large broken wall at its centre and several nearby communities. If you want to avoid early battles, you can choose to land here. While it offers enough loot to sustain a whole squad, the quality of weapons may not be the best. The main drawback is that it’s quite far from the centre, making it risky as the secure zone shrinks during the game.

Deserted village and lighthouse

The Deserted Village and white house are both very safe places to land. It’s a small town, and squads rarely go there because it lacks loot. If you’re playing solo against a squad, I suggest landing here. Quickly grab whatever loot you can without engaging in gunfights, and stay hidden until the number of players reduces and the safe zone shrinks. The advantage of this location is it is near Sentry Post and Nova Harbor. After looting the Deserted Village, you can head to these places, but be sure to check for enemies before moving on.