Best Loot Spots in Arena Breakout Farmland

Best Loot Spots in Arena Breakout Farmland

Farmland is the first map you will play into as soon as you are in the game after completing tutorials. So, knowing the best loot locations on this map will be very helpful. Here are the 6 best spots in the Arena Breakout Farmland Map to get more loot:

Main Warehouse:

Many players sleep over this place on the map and try to farm other areas, but the main warehouse is also best for looting. You can find enough trading goods and purple items if you can reach them faster than your opponents. There, you will also find a couple of crates lying there where you can find some good loot.

And near the warehouse, you will see some houses where you can loot and get going. There is also one broken helicopter near the warehouse where you can find some armour and weapons, but it is a hot drop, so be careful. Overall, the main warehouse is a suitable place to get high-loot on the Farmland map.


The Villa is also a popular area for loot as it has many rooms, and in each of those rooms, there is a chance that you can get keys, armour and lots of other goods. Make sure to check the room carefully, as campers might be lying around in those rooms.


The Motel is the hot drop and best landing spot in the farmland as there are tons of room where you can loot, and most of the room has cases full of armour, keys and other items. In the kitchen, down below the Motel, you can find a green box with good weapons and attachments. Since it is a highly contested area, try to clear the place before carefully looting. If you are sure that it is clear, explore without worry.

Wheatfield Hut:

Wheatfield Hut, also known as Sniper Tower, has two floors full of loot items. There are lots of drawers and med boxes lying around on the ground floor, which have decent loot in them, and this is also one of the spots in the Arena Breakout Farmland map with a high chance of spawning keys and purple items. And on the first floor, we can always have cash lying on the table in the middle with drawers and cases lying around, which again has chances of spawning keys and purple items.


Stable also has sufficient cases lying around with a good chance of having weapons, purple items or armour. It’s not as highly contested as Motel but always watch out for some players who might be around to loot.

Produce Trading Post:

Produce Trading Post is the suitable place to start or end, depending on which side you spawn, and it has many cases and bags scattered. You can find items lying there, and there are some good areas to loot outside of the produce trading post where you can find some weapons and ammo.