Why are you muted for violating the rules on PUBG mobile?

Why are you muted for violating the rules on PUBG mobile?

Are you muted on PUBG mobile for violating the rules?

Pubg mobile has earned millions of active user successfully. Due to online entertainment, it is struggling to make their use safe from spam and harassment. So, to make the game secure from the threat, it has made some rules and regulation. PUBG account disables if the player is violating the conditions. Either temporarily or, for a lifetime.

Why am I muted on PUBG mobile for violating the rules?

Nowadays most of the player are getting the message, ‘you are muted for violating the rules‘. And they can’t chat with their friends and another player on PUBG global chat.

The players are unable to use the specific feature for violating rules of PUBG mobile.
If they mute you, then it doesn’t mean your PUBG ID will get banned.
But it’s like a warning, if you repeat the same mistake, you will not get an excuse.

For example, last time My friend send the link of a website on the PUBG global chat. In response, for one day, he becomes unable to chat with his friends. I.e. he got a warning that if again he will share the website link on the chatbox, he will get forbidden permanently.

Or, sometime official will mute you if someone reports about you for violating the PUBG mobile rules. Other players will complain about you if you use unethical words to chat with another player.

Don’t share unknown links; website, Youtube, on the global chat.

If you muted to chat with your friends, then you are lucky, because it’s temporary.
Wait for the requested time, the official will give you another chance.
And after unmute you make the same mistake then your ID will get banned.

How to play PUBG without risk of ID ban?

Most of the player complains that their PUBG lost because of hacking. But, hacking is not only the way you will lose your ID. The player shouldn’t do these activities to avoid the risk of ban.

Source: Why was my account banned?

  • Sometime you will get login problem due to the busy server. So, don’t try to log in your account using third party programs. Instead, show your patient.
  • Don’t share the website links in the global chat. Otherwise, you are supposed to be violating the rules of PUBG mobile.
  • Also, You should not cheat your teammate in the team game to play Pubg safely. Otherwise, you will increase the chance of ID ban if you repeat the same mistake multiple times.
  • If you want to purchase UC, then you should use the authorised channel for the payment.
  • Don’t team up with your opponent player. Always help your teammate to push their and your rank.
  • To avoid the risk of PUBG ID ban, don’t share your account with another person.

Play the game in a disciplined way. Enjoy your time playing magnificent game PUBG mobile.

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