All about Falcon in Pubg mobile: Can you unlock it for free?

All about Falcon in Pubg mobile: Can you unlock it for free?

Today, we will discuss everything about Falcon pet in Pubg mobile- Price, feature. Also, you will know can you unlock Falcon for free or not.

Why is the Falcon precious in PUBGM?

  • Unique and attractive pet

By upgrading the level of Falcon, you get emote. And you can use those emotes to make your Falcon companion more active with stylish actions.

To upgrade the level of Falcon, you have to feed food when it is hungry.

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  • Show off

The player having Falcon bird looks unique to other players in the lobby or battleground.

If you have Falcon, you can carry it in matches. And the bird will not leave you in any situation.

Also, you can show off your best pet to your teammate and global pubg mobile player in the lobby.

Can you unlock Falcon in Pubg mobile for free?

I reckon you search for how to get Falcon companion in Pubg mobile for free in many sources.

And you would have got one suggestion to use VPS and other third-party apps, Right?

But the truth is, using unknown apps to unlock something for free can harm your Pubg mobile ID.

So, firstly I suggest not to use any third-party app in the game.

Many players still have Falcon with them. And you would think how they get it?

The answer is, some players buy Falcon by spending UC. And other get the Falcon pet by completing the event that came in November 2019.

But, the problem is many players missed the opportunities.

Now, you can only get the Falcon by spending some UC. So, if you have UC, you can purchase it from the Pubg shop.

  • Go to the shop.
  • Go to treasure
  • Purchase it spending 500 UC with a discount of 2100 UC.

If you purchase a companion pack, you will get Falcon and 60 companion food.

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